Monday, March 26, 2012

Out of options...

It's been a few weeks since I've updated the blog due to a trip to Guatemala. What a blessing to be able to experience true Biblical community as we worked together to make the name of our Lord known to the nations!

I was a little anxious about this trip mainly because I didn't know if I would be able to exercise and what the food choices would be. I've been to Guatemala a lot over the past 7 years and well, starches rule there! So, I was a little apprehensive about sticking to the healthy eating plan.

As it turns out there is a fine line in eating healthy and offending someone's culture...I had to walk a tight rope carefully. Breakfast was consistent daily - scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and yogurt which I purchased at the grocery store on the first day. Plus, I had some instant oatmeal packets which I used every other day and hot tea as well! Lunch on two days included 2 sandwiches, chips, cookies and a juice box. I opted for a protein bar, a fruit cup (I had brought with me) and water. I was also able to supplement with almonds. Great option for me. Two other days were meals in someone's home, and they were delicious meals. The first day I ate two fried foods which my stomach promptly reminded me why I haven't that way in 5 months.... but the next day I had more veggies and grilled meat while passing on the starches. Bottled water was my beverage of choice.

Dinner was a little more difficult as we were offered starches mainly with sides of meat and few veggies. But, smaller portions and protein bars were my friends. I had to say no to any other fried foods...I cannot eat that way. And I tried to be mindful that I was in another culture but have been called to eat in a way that honors God and provides nutrients to my body.

Exercise was you know that I live just a little above sea level every day. Well, Guatemala City is a mile above that, and the main village where we worked is another mile up. Exercising and breathing are diametrically opposed. Trust me. My friend Nellie was on this trip and is one of my accountability partners. She and I exercised 3 days while we were there. We measured off the circle of the colonia and walked about three miles each time. My new friend Natasha joined us the second day and pushed me to run half of the time. My lungs were surely going to explode out of my chest...but they did not. God stretched me again. It's a life lesson for me..I just know it.

So, it can be done...eating healthy on a mission trip and still exercising. Sure it took some planning and getting up an hour before anyone else. But, it was good....and obedient. Praise God for His grace to keep walking this journey!

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