Monday, March 5, 2012

Plan A

My pantry (the doors to the right of the ovens) - no more temptations hiding in there.

Saturday...a day that brings rest to my soul and a little joy to my heart.  I can sleep in and enjoy the day with my family.  Nowhere to go, nothing in particular to do...a "stay in your pjs from sunrise to sunset" kind of day.  Or, so I had hoped.

As it turned out, I had booked my husband and one of our daughters on the earliest flight known to mankind in Birmingham, Alabama.  How can the airport open at 5:00 with a flight at 5:30 (in the morning people????).  Did you know that an alarm can be set and actually go off at 3:00 AM?  Did you?  3:00 comes TWICE in a day.  I found out.  Actually, it was my pleasure to get up early and make breakfast for my family.  I wanted to hug them before they left the country and be sure that they got a good meal to boot.  But, I must admit, as soon as they were out of the driveway, I hunkered back down in my bed to get some more shut-eye.

I awoke to the sounds of feet jumping up and down in the room above mine (why can't they read an alarm clock?).  Nonetheless my Saturday awaited me.  As we finished a leisurely breakfast, my oldest daughter said, "Mom, before you go on your run with Courtney, let's clean out the pantry."  Ummm....NO!  That was my first thought.  First, I do NOT want to run, and second, I do NOT want to clean out the pantry.  So, of course I was hesitant in answering her.  Not to be ignored, she politely reminded me, "Mom, there is no plan B here."  Now, where has she heard that?  Let me rack my brain for 10 seconds - Oh, from me.  Lord, why did you give her such a good memory and why did you allow me to say that to her only to have her repeat it back to me?  Note to self...children are a blatant reminder of our sinful holding our lives up to a mirror.

She's right.  There is NO plan B here.  God has called us to a life of holiness, and that life involves honoring Him with our bodies.  I have ALWAYS had a plan "out" or an exit strategy.  When I get to this weight...when I finish with all of this willpower....when I can run a certain distance...when I can fit into those jeans....  But, this time is more than all of that.  God has not given us these directives in order that we would devise our own plan or scheme our way out of this.  We must obey...there is NO other option.  As I was reminded in Bible study today, God's plan is for us to say "Yes Lord" no matter what the command. 

So we cleaned out the pantry.  We kept only the healthy foods and are giving the rest away.  No temptations are lurking.  And, I think the closet will be next.  I have clothes that are too big that I must give going back.  I still have the "I HAVE A DREAM" section of my closet (I guess I shouldn't tell you that the clothes are way out of style), and I will wear those clothes again.  So, when you see me strut into church with stirrup pants and a neon sweater, don't laugh...I'll be living the dream, people.  

As we finished the pantry, I suited up and headed out the door for a run with my friend.  She is almost 20 years my junior but inspires, challenges and encourages me to run for His glory.  It is a good fit for me.  I praise God for putting her in my life.  She makes me run and run further than I think I could go.  God has used her and others to disrupt my lazy Saturday plans for His plan A.  And, I am grateful. 

With that, I shout "No more Plan B" for the Turner Tribe.  We're sticking to God's design, and well, that Author has a faithful track record.  

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LaRessie said...

OH.... How I needed to read this. I am sitting here trying to figure out how NOT to go run today. :( I LOVE YOU SHERYL and all the Turners.. even though I have only met Sheryl, you are ALL a blessing to ME!!!