Thursday, May 17, 2012

Help on the journey

These days I'm frequently getting texts, emails and Facebook messages asking me how to start a healthy lifestyle. First, I must laugh that anyone would ask ME that question. Just six months ago I was way overweight and couldn't even run a minute on the treadmill. But, by the GRACE OF GOD, our family is now in a much healthier HIS grace alone!

And so I've compiled this list of resources that have helped ME along the way...they may be of absolutely NO use to you, or they may get your started. It was truly a combination of all these things that got me here today....


1. The Bible (this is NOT just a Sunday School, feel-good answer. It's the truth. God used His Word to convict my heart about taking care of the temple He issued me. Search the Scriptures and find His plan for your body.)

2. Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. If there is just one book I could recommend outside of the Bible, this would be it. That pretty much sums up how important this book was in my life. God used it to speak truth into my life about how much I loved and trusted food more than I loved and trusted Him.

3. What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell

4. The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno


1. Breadbeckers in Woodstock, GA - you can order all of your whole grains from here. Plus, visit their website ( for tutorials on how to make healthy breads.

2. Whole Foods - organic foods so that you can know what's actually going in your mouth.

3. Organic Harvest - located in Hoover and has a community atmosphere. I can find grains here as well and delicious smoothies!


1. Nike+ app - this app keeps up with my runs and allows me to make notes each day. I can easily go back and look to see where I've come from and also challenge myself to improve. In addition, my accountability team can access my account to verify that I've exercised each day.

2. RunKeeper - I use this app for my girls (because you can't have multiple accounts on the same phone of Nike+).

3. Couch to 5K - to get started, this is a great app. It encourages you to run/walk a certain amount of time until you build up to running an entire 5K.


1. Fleet Feet Sports in Birmingham - the MOST knowledgeable staff when it comes to fitting your foot for your run. Experienced runners help you like there is no one else in the store...I personally love that.

2. Track Shack - we go to the one in Inverness and love races where they are involved. Also, we can find all of the local races on their website.

3. - a site where we can find the best running gear for low prices.


1. Accountability team - I cannot stress enough how important this has been to me. I send an email out to my team every Monday reporting on my food intake, exercise and weight for the week. They challenge me, hold me accountable and encourage me. Oftentimes I won't stop running because I'm thinking about what I would tell them....

2. Daily Quiet Time - there is NO substitute for the Word of God...NONE. No amount of taking care of your family, getting ready, eating, etc. can take the place of intimate time with the Lord each day. This is always the priority as soon as I wake up. When I'm running I can reflect back on what I've studied that day and pray for God's truth to be revealed to me.

There you have it...the things that have helped me the most along the way. The biggest hurdle I had to get over was the idea that somehow this would be a quick fix. I would just diet for 17 days and be finished. It is not so, and it is not to be. The truth is that it took me years to get to this point, and it will take me a lifetime to get back. I'm addicted to food and sugar and have loved them both way more than I have loved Jesus. That is no longer the case. But, I'm still an addict, and I have to fight tooth and nail daily to say "No" to foods. Just last night, my older girls made ABC muffins (which are healthy and delicious) for breakfast this morning. I could smell them and honestly wanted to eat EVERY last one of them. I can have one...for breakfast. It was 9:00 at night. I had to pull the covers over my head and pray to sleep so that I would not be tempted. But, it was a fight.... This fight will not end. I must stay alert and on guard at all times.

What is helping you to stay healthy these days? I would love to hear your might help me too!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love you and your family. God uses all of you to encourage so many toward seeking after Him alone. May your lives continue to be a testimony to His grace and love!