Monday, May 21, 2012

A Letter to Myself

Dear Sheryl,

Six months from now, you will be a different person both inside and out. Today you are tired. You are overweight. You have been avoiding this issue for some time now, and you are sick of it. It is easy to talk about doing something and wanting to change. It is another ballgame to do something. You are done with feeling exhausted, wearing pants with only elastic waistbands, overeating, seeing your children follow your example, needing naps daily and not having any clothes that fit (do you really want me to mention the day you and your girls CRIED in the fitting room of a department store?). Today is the day that you will remember when all that begins to change.

Your husband wants you and the family to do something different and for a different reason. Yes, you will all lose weight and be healthier, but we this fight will start at the core. This is not what you want to hear, but listen closely. For you, this is a sin issue. Yes, there are people who have a physical condition that causes them to gain weight and to be unable to lose it. Those people are few and far between. You are NOT one of them.

You can read the Bible and skip over every verse that has to do with your body being the temple of the Lord, but it is still true whether you choose to read it or not. It is NOT open to your opinion or interpretation. You cannot explain it away and make excuses. God has commanded that you honor Him with your body. Clearly, you are NOT doing that. You must confess this area of sin in your life and REPENT. Turn away from these sins of gluttony, pride and laziness. Seek Him when you want to eat. Ask Him WHAT and HOW MUCH and WHEN He wants you to eat. He will direct your path. He alone will change you. No amount of dieting, healthy eating or exercise will get you to the place God wants without God at the center of it. Rely fully on Him!

Can I tell you what you will find in just 1/2 of a year? (and girl, you've been pregnant longer than that, you've taken classes longer than that, you've waited for children longer than you CAN do this in God's strength) You will aim at wearing something from the "I have a dream" section of your closet. Remember that size 10 pair of capris that you liked so much? They still have the tags on them and are sitting in the top drawer of your closet? You see them EVERY time you put on your black stretchy pants...they make you cringe, right? Well, they will be TOO BIG six months from now. You will buy the right size to fit you and find that now, even that is too big. You will be wearing clothes that are the same size you wore in high school. Hard to believe, huh? But, it's true.

You will be able to run...yes, I know you can only run 1 minute right now, and you are huffing and puffing so badly that you feel like your chest is about to explode. But, you will run. You will run farther and farther each day. You will be able to complete a 5K and will be working on a 10K. You will run at least 4 miles a day and longer on the weekends. God will sustain you and build your endurance so that you will be called a runner. Run for His glory because you know that you CANNOT do this. The only way you will be able to run is by His grace and His faithfulness on your life!

Okay, this one may be hard to comprehend in your current state..people will call, write and text YOU about how to begin this journey! You are now over 50 lbs lighter and people want to know how you got here. YOU DIDN'T...God did this. Here's the kicker....many people will want some magic pill or potion or an easy way to lose did too. You wanted it to be quick and easy and painless. It will NOT be that way for you EVER. Always remember that you have NO answers. Point people to the Father alone. Clearly, you don't have this journey figured have messed it up big front of many people including your family. You are a sinner who has failed miserably in this area (the more you admit this, the more freeing it will be). When people seek you out, remind them that the Father alone is the reason you have changed. He initiated the changed, He caused the change and He sustains the change. He is people that only He can change them!


Who You Will Be

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Amy said...

Nearly every morning that I huff and puff through my "run," I pray for you. And give thanks for you. You are an amazing inspiration!!!!!