Monday, June 11, 2012


Normal. It's a word I've longed for all my life. Literally ALL.MY.LIFE! I didn't exactly have a normal childhood with a mother who had a mental illness. I always longed for the normalcy of my friends who had mothers to come pick them up from school and help them with projects. I wanted that, but it did not happen. I just wanted things to be normal.

Fast forward many years, and again I long to be normal. I want to look at the weight/BMI chart and fall into the normal range. I do not want to see my numbers under the overweight or obese column. I do not want to only wear pants with elastic waistlines. I want to shop for regular clothes in a regular store....

When our family started this journey last November, I was in the obese category of every chart I could find (Yes, I was looking for ANY chart that would just show me as did not exist). At 5'6 and 208 lbs, I was obese. Over 50 lbs overweight.

But now, pull back the curtains, hear the angels sing, hallelujah, weight is FINALLY NORMAL!!! Ha! As I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I asked JT to read it as I didn't have on my glasses yet. There it was...155 lbs. Finally! I knew that this was the weight I needed to reach to be normal on the BMI and the height/weight chart.

It has taken almost 8 weeks to just lose the last 3 lbs. So, I have no idea when I will reach my ideal weight. But, I will persevere...I will not quit. I will endure and run this race.

While I still have 10 lbs to lose, I am thrilled to be counted among the normal again. It feels good...really good.

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