Friday, June 8, 2012

Totally Confused

I have a confession to make: I sometimes confuse reality with perception. And, my perception can be a little WONKY at times. It can be sideways, backwards and upside down. It has a mind of its own. Let me explain.

When I am running faster than I should, I notice that I'm tiring quicker but I fail to link the feeling with the fact that I'm running too fast. When I look in the mirror and see the changes in my physical body, I don't see what everyone else sees. I see the me that was over 200 lbs. Even when I see photos of me then and now, I don't necessarily see a big difference. There's a gaping hole between reality and what I see.

But, this weekend my brother sent me 2 pictures. I hesitate to post them because in the latest one I'm squinting and looking quite old in my opinion. However, I CAN see the difference between these two photos. One was taken at the St. Patrick's Day race in Homewood in March and the other was taken this past weekend at The Good Race in Chelsea. For the first time I can SEE the difference in my face. Even though I have FELT the changes in my body and in the way clothes fit, I can now actually see reality.

(You can also tell my brother has lost over 25 lbs....God has given our family the challenge of getting healthy TOGETHER for His name's sake. We are all able to challenge and encourage one another which is a GREAT benefit!)

Oh, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for my Heavenly Father who has chosen to discipline me through physical exercise and healthy living. He has given me the tools to honor Him. He has given me opportunity after opportunity. That PROVES that He loves me...because He chooses to chastise me! My heart is thankful today!

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