Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please talk me out of this!!!

There are times when I am committed beyond words to what God has called me to health-wise. I have studied what His Word says about taking care of the temple and giving Him glory through our physical bodies. I have been convicted, confessed and repented. Forgiveness has been good. Very Good.

And yet, there are times when DOUBT, like a roaring waterfall, comes flooding over me. Temptation haunts me on every side. It comes most often when I am alone. And away from home. And it comes HARD and FAST.

Today, I took Kaitlyn to a class near our church (that's 30 minutes away from home). I drop her off and have only two errands to run. Yay for me! To the bank and post office I go, and those jobs seem to go quicker than normal (not having to wrangle little people helps sometimes).

The WHOLE time I am driving, this little conversation rolls through my head:

I am by myself. Thank You Lord for a few minutes to breathe.

I am SO hungry right now.

You brought healthy food and water.

Yay (with severe sarcasm)

Who would know if I went by Krispy Kreme or Dairy Queen?

I would.

Lord, I am SO hungry. I just want a little bit. How bad would it be? (To one would know - SERIOUSLY, I said this to myself as if the Lord wouldn't know what I was thinking. Uuggh. The flesh is an ugly and deceitful thing. I HATE the flesh. I cannot stand the sinful nature in me that looks like this).


Lord, maybe I can just post this to Facebook or send a text to friends. I need someone to talk me out of this!!! I need help.

I know. I am enough.

I would like to tell you that I submitted willingly but I pouted. I sat in the parking lot of our church and ate my broccoli salad, which was very tasty by the way. And ate my orange and drank my water.

AND had NO regrets. No guilt. No shame. He WAS and He IS enough. I need nothing more. May I crave Him more and think of my cravings for things of this world less.

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