Monday, April 14, 2014

These are the days of our lives...

Did any of you ever watch soap operas? Raise your hand. I see you, and I feel your shame. As a teenager, I was woefully addicted (the disadvantage of so many summer days away from school). Days of Our Lives was my favorite. I followed the lives of the characters as if they were real people, and I held a grudge for years if things didn't go the way I thought they should! As a junior in high school, I checked out of school to see Greg and Jenny get married...I said it was for a wedding. Please throw your rotten tomatoes at me now. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but there's the truth.

Though our lives do not resemble any on tv (unless it's a cartoon), here's the goings on around here lately:

1. Our boys are officially drinking 4 gallons of milk a week by themselves. They are 10 and 8. Lord, please come quickly or give us a cow.
2. When asked what she would do if she was pulled over by a policeman, Elly promptly replied, "I would get out my birtha ticket." I laughed so hard I could hardly utter "birth certificate."
3. Kaitlyn now has a job. My life is over.
4. Madison loves science more than anyone I have ever known, and it scares me and makes me happy at the same time. She'll make a great doctor one day.
5. Jett has improved in soccer greatly. Last week he fell down while shooting for the goal, jumped right back up and kicked it over the defender and goalie's head. I was the mom jumping up and down on the end of the field.
6. Being the first person to use a cleaned porta-potty is a highlight of my Saturday morning runs. It obviously takes little to impress me.
7. Being the last person to use a porta-potty at the soccer field requires me to hold my breath for approximately 45 seconds.
8. Zeke Turner can no longer wear regular pants but requires loose fitting in order to accommodate the massive thighs on that boy.
9. JT has officially planted our garden. I am grateful. I will be more grateful when it produces something.
10. We are studying Leviticus in our daily Bible reading plan. Thanking the Lord for one of our pastors, Jim Shaddix, who helped the kids understand it better this past week. Listen here for one of the best teaching tools on sacrifices.
11. God has brought so many discipleship and counseling opportunities our way lately, it's a bit overwhelming. Tired but privileged.
12. Before you ever give to a non-profit that you think is doing God's work, please check out their financial statements on this website. You can learn a lot and will know exactly where your money is going.
13. I'm getting my mojo back with running...happy me.
14. We only have 4 more weeks of homeschool...happier me.
15. JT and I could be chauffeurs in our retirement years. We have plenty of experience. We will take tips.

It's such an interesting life, huh? Just my thoughts for a Monday that had to get out and onto the screen. I don't have room for them in my head anymore.

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Love this. Love you. Love your people.