Monday, June 9, 2014

This Kid

When God matched our hearts to his, we were all scared beyond words. He had never used an indoor bathroom. He had never eaten at a table or used a fork. He had never ridden in a car or felt air conditioning.

Without telling too much of his story, I'll suffice it to say that we all had a steep learning curve to be a family. His energy was unmatched by anyone in our house. And, as you can tell, he lives life to the fullest. Our family has never been the same, and I am grateful.

(Credit for the last two photos to Allison Lewis Photography)

No one has challenged us more or sent us to the foot of the Father faster. But, God has a plan, and I see it playing out before my eyes. We struggle daily but the determination he has to succeed is far beyond his years.

Lord, would you show Yourself faithful in and through Zeke's life? Please mold him into the young man You desire for Him to be. Give us strength, patience and discernment to follow after You whole-heartedly so that He will do the same. Help us to raise him in a way that brings You great glory. Thank you for the opportunity to parent this beautiful child. May he serve You with total abandonment all of his days.

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