Monday, June 2, 2014

A Glimpse of Glory....

I dread it for days…just knowing that JT is leaving town makes my heart sink. Oh, I KNOW that it’s what God has called us to do…that’s clear. And I LOVE that. It’s our lives…investing in people around the globe for His great glory. I am content and joyful and at peace with what God is doing with One Way Ministries.

The difficulty comes in leaving the youngest kids who still struggle with abandonment issues. They often act out when he leaves, and it is a great reminder of the grief that accompanies adoption. Wet beds, temper tantrums, fighting, grieving fits, yelling, crying, screaming, and on and on. I replay every possible negative and catastrophic possibility of what could happen while he’s gone. It sucks the very life out of me.

Friday morning, I awake to see the team from my house leave…I jealously watch them pull out of the driveway knowing that they are going to a place I love. I am anxious about the littles waking up just not knowing what will likely come my way.

But, here’s my chance to just say how GREAT our God is. Even when we are faithless, He is faithful…AMEN (2 Timothy 2:13)! Jett Turner woke up a young man I have only dreamed about. I’m seriously about to list his accomplishments for the day (and people, this is HUGE…HUGER than HUGE…GINORMOUS!)

-He initiated cleaning off the table without being asked. He led his siblings to do the same. AND FINISHED THE JOB WELL!
-He worked on his multiplication facts on the Ipad making a 97 out of 100!!!!
-He read ALL of his reading book and answered every comprehension question correctly!
-He opened all doors and allowed every female to go first without being reminded!
-He ASKED how he could help with lunch and dinner.
-He followed EVERY SINGLE instruction the FIRST time and with a cheerful heart!
-He cleaned out the pool without being told or given any instructions.
-He helped fold two loads of clothes without being asked.
-He cleaned out the toy basket in the living room in an orderly fashion.
-He said “Yes Ma’am” to every request and did not complain even once.
-He prayed for his family that went out of the country and thanked God for the opportunity to stay home with his younger siblings.
-He initiated playing a game of tic-tac-toe and memory with his brother. He even congratulated Zeke on winning!
-He played Uno with all of us and was joyful for whoever won!

Can I tell you what strides these all are? Initiating servanthood, working diligently, finishing projects/work well, excelling in schoolwork, following instructions, being thankful…oh, I could go on and on. My heart overflows today with God’s goodness and faithfulness through our oldest son. I have seen a glimpse of what God is doing in and through His life.

And just for your entertainment, here's a sampling of the 30 selfies he put on my phone while bringing it to me in the kitchen from the van (an approximate 30 second walk)...

I have no idea what the rest of the week will hold, but I will cling to this day knowing that God showed me something AMAZING that I will not soon forget. I saw a young man today…one that is chasing after God’s own heart. And my heart is bursting with joy!

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