Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Health Update

Here's the latest photos of our son. We get a health update monthly from our adoption agency, and this month, he weights in at a staggering 31 pounds. Okay, he's small. He's also 39 inches - growing well in that area.
We have used his measurements to figure his size to be 4T although we'll have to use a belt to keep the pants on him! He wears a size 8 shoe, so they say right now. We may get to Guatemala and find out differently. Our plan is to take a measuring tape with us just to verify his height and weight. We've bought all 4T sizes for the trip so hopefully, they'll fit.
Our community group at church held a prayer shower for us last night. It was a beautiful time with our adopted family. We are so grateful for each and every one of them. We'll count the ways.....
-we are overwhelmed that God gave Jason Waltman the foresight and wisdom to ask us when we were going to adopt as we moved into our new home (at the time, we had no plan to adopt....this was 4 months prior to beginning the process).
-we were struck with unconditional love as Pansy Merriwether prayed for their new grandson (Jett).
-we were reminded through Jason's prayer and JT's words that Jett will be brought out of Guatemala so that he can reach the nations for Christ.
-my friend Laura's prayer that we would bond and attach smoothly and swiftly .....please Lord!
-we are daily thankful for friends who email and call just to say they are thinking of us and praying for us....Katchuks, Robersons, Waltmans, Stewarts, Hardys, Merriwethers, etc, etc, etc.
-for our adopted family at Brook Hills who has surrounded us with their love, support and encouragement.
Father, as I approach your throne this morning, I am humbled and absolutely filled to capacity with the love you have given to us. When our house burned down almost three years ago, you were preparing our hearts and our home for this time. At that very time, you had a little boy in Guatemala being handed over to an orphanage, so that one day he could join our family. I am in awe of YOUR timing and YOUR plan. Thank you that I'm not in charge....thank you for YOUR perfect will. Thank you for surrounding us with family and friends who lift us up in prayer.
Lord, use Jett Turner to shake the nations for your glory. As he comes out of what is familiar....Guatemala, his nanny, Eagle's Nest, his what is unknown....Alabaster, Alabama, The Church at Brook Hills, mission trips around the world.....may You and You alone guide His every step. We know that You have a special plan for our son, and we give him back to You so that he may glorify You in all that he does. May his life reflect You as he goes to the nations.

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