Friday, November 30, 2007

Well I guess it is time for me to chime in on the whole issue on the blog. Sheryl has done such an amazing job of keeping us all on top of things with the adoption. I have kind of remained in the background and allowed her to handle the administration and paperwork. The details are overwhelming at times and yet, we find ourselves at this point. Thank you to my awesome and loving wife and partner in this journey, Sheryl for all the work and many hours of paperwork and calls and more calls and more paperwork and etc.

Two years ago this journey began with a comment from our friend Jason Waltman. As Sheryl, Kaitlyn, Madison, Jason, and I sat in the almost finished back bedroom in the house Jason asked so when are you guys going to adopt? This somewhat coaught us off guard, except the fact that God had provided way more house than we needed after our house burned in January 2005. Jason and Jenny Waltman became some of our closet frineds as a result of the incredible work they did to get us back in our house and then continued to support and encourage us.

Soon after this conversation the possibility of being a foster family for children from Eagle's Nest who needed medical care here in the states was a reality. After the opportunity passed and there was no need for a foster family, Jim and Donna Houston from our church brought us word that they had found a little boy for us to adopt. We were not even really thinking about adoption. Although I must confess the thought had crossed my mind a few times on the field with little children I had met. Now with a real possibility of adoption looking us right in the heart we committed it all to prayer and received different answers. Sheryls word from the Father was yes adopt this little boy the team in Guatemala had nicknamed "Jet" after my intials. My answer was somewhat different and has changed my life forever!

The Father responded to me with a question, "Why not bring this little boy home into your family?" Wow! What an overwhelming question to try and come up with a real answer to God. There are no good answers to that question except, "Here am I Lord use me!" I began this journey with my face to the ground asking for wisdom and understanding. I have come to this point with an overwhelming sense of humility and thankfulness.

God the creator of it all has chosen to bless me with two beautiful girls that have literally rocked my world. They are the most amazing creations in the world and precious to my heart. I have been amazingly blessed. However, God the Father has chosen to sculpt my heart in a way I never dreamed with a hole that only will be filled by Jett! By the way my dad's nickname at work when he was alive was "JET" which are the intials in my legal name...the team in Guatemala at the time had no idea! Since then my heart and life have been worked on very much by the Father.

Today I find myself having found an awesome desire to be a father to the fatherless. With the two children God has blessed us with our hearts are opening up to the world. My heart is now ready, at least as much as it can be, for the exposion that is about to happen through the addition of a child whom the Father is placing in our lives to change the world! I have no doubt that the time we have endured waiting and struggling through the adoption process has produced an endurance and strength in Him that will carry us into the future with extreme faith. I pray for wisdom and discernment to lead and love like the Father. I also pray that God will allow me to bring home the nations! At this point why not! Why wouldI not trust His heart and be His hands? Why would I not allow Him to bless and all I need to do is love His children and teach them His words.

Please pray with us as we go very soon to bring Jett to our home. Pray for Sheryl's sleepless nights that have already begun as she commits his life to prayer and diligent teaching. Pray for Kaitlyn as she steps into the role of the oldest child and teacher's helper. Pray for Madison as she learns what it is like to become a big sister. And pray for me as I seek the Father's heart to build a family after His heart with a passion for His World and a passion for His Word!

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Whitney said...

I am so glad that I found you!! I was just on the EN site and there were pics of Jett and I was wondering if he had a family, was close to going home, etc. I am rejoicing that he is going home soon and has a godly family! We were there with a team in July and everyone LOVED him! I could ask him "Como se dice..", point to something and he would tell me the Spanish word for helpful! I know that I have lots of pics, though they are 4 months old. We have a little girl there that we are waiting to bring home as well. I would love to chat or email you pictures.

In His Grace,