Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still in PGN

We just got an email this morning saying that we are STILL IN PGN!!! We are so grateful as this means we haven't been kicked out! Praise God.
If we don't receive word by Thursday of being out of PGN, our social worker will call and see where we are in the process. That will give us an idea of how much longer we have. We are just SO grateful right now for the news!
This morning we read that another couple in our Guatemalan adoption group just got their pink slip. They have been out of PGN for one month, and they received their pink slip today which says they have to be in Guatemala THIS Friday. Okay, I may have panicked a little....that's short notice considering we all thought it would be at least one week's notice. But, we're ready!!!
We're clinging tight to God's promises and know that He is in control. JT has finished working on an addition to the playground and we've started buying Christmas presents so that we are fully ready. We love you all!

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