Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Much Encouragement!

In Acts 2, we find a beautiful picture of the a community! We weren't made for isolation...we were made to be together as a family in Christ. Isn't that amazing? When we spent some time in South Africa in August, we experienced "community" as never before. Our team had spent hours in team building exercises to prepare for such a time. We lived together, ate together, prayed together and ministered together daily. It was an intensive time of community that will forever be etched in my memory.

In the same way, our friends have been a major part of our community here in Birmingham. Since we posted our good news about getting out of PGN, I have gotten dozens and dozens of emails not to speak of phone calls and hugs along the way. I am so blessed by all the encouragement! Thank you all!

Speaking of encouragement, I received an email from another mom who is adopting from Eagle's Nest in Guatemala. She just went to visit her sweet little girl Kendall (you can see her blog at and was able to see Jett too. At the orphanage, the nannies call him Enrique. Apparently, he crawled right up in Deidre's lap and wanted her to tickle him. She even sent me a few pictures of the occasion! I was so thrilled. Although I don't know Deidre personally, she took the time to encourage me in my journey. Now, that's community. Thank you Deidre!

Please continue to pray that the process will run smoothly and according to God's timeline. We love you all!

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