Friday, November 9, 2007

On the Director's Desk.......

Today, our social worker called to let us know that all of our paperwork is sitting on the director's desk waiting to be signed. From this point, it generally only takes another week!!! Hallelujah - we are NOT going to get kicked out!!!
Our only concern at the moment is the timing of the trip to Guatemala and JT's surgery next Friday. As many of you know, he has a torn rotator cuff, and he needs this surgery in order for his shoulder to heal and rehabilitate. We are so grateful for Kim Tyler who works at St. Vincents and has helped us tremendously throughout the process!
JT will have to be immobile (his shoulder anyway) for 2 weeks. Those of you who know JT know that this will be my main job....and it will NOT be easy. He is determined to work hard and get his shoulder back to work as soon as possible. We are hoping that the call to go to Guatemala will come after the 2 week period. Even if it does not, JT will just go in a sling! Oh joy!
We will continue to update the site as we get news. We know that these are the next steps:
1. Out of PGN (official news that we are OUT). This means Jett is officially OURS.
2. New birth certificate issued in his town of birth with our names listed as parents and his last name changed (so, he'll officially be Edwin Turner). This should take only 3-4 days.
3. DNA - now, since we don't have DNA (we went through the 2 year abandonment process), we don't know what the Embassy will interview, just documentation, etc.....???? This will probably only take 1 week but could be sooner or longer.
4. Issuance of Pink Slip - this is a BIG deal. It will give us our date to travel to Guatemala to pick up our son! Many people have had a week to 1 1/2 weeks to travel; however, 2 families recently had 2-5 days notice!!!
Thank you all for your prayers.

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