Thursday, November 1, 2007

7 Weeks in PGN

Today is the 7 week mark in PGN...okay, it's 5:47 am and there's no way Lauren would call this early, so I'm affirming that we're still in PGN. I did talk to Lauren yesterday about updating some paperwork, and she informed me that we should receive a legal update either today or tomorrow.
So, now we wait.....I would love for her to call and say "You're out of PGN!!!!" But the reality is that she may say that we've been kicked out. I dread that...I worry about that....I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I know that it's an hourly process of giving over my worries to God. He alone is in control, and nothing I can do will change the perfect plan He has for us. I am one who totally accepts His's His timing I'm often arguing with Him if I know better. Oh, dear Lord, please help me to accept Your timing with a grateful and cheerful heart!
Please pray intently with us over the next week for good news...once we're out of PGN, Josiah Jett Turner is offically OURS. He will get a new birth certificate within weeks with his new name: Edwin Turner (they only change the last name) and our names will be listed as the mother and father...isn't that awesome!!!
We've begun the process of buying a few things...clothes and small take with us to Guatemala. We're excited and guarded all at the same time. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement now more than ever!!!

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