Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did we pray for patience?

Today's the day when we should (I emphasize that word as nothing as gone according to the Guatemalaen timeline these days) get our pink slip today. The US Embassy confirmed our paperwork last Thursday and indicated that it would take 4 days not including Fridays, holidays, weekends or days that end in "y" (just kidding on the last one). They are fairly accurate with their timetables, but we'll see.

I'm checking our AOL email account (this is our secondary account that we generally don't check but once a week but was used when we first filed for adoption 2 years ago) every 5 minutes. It's driving me crazy (and I'm sure it's getting on JT's nerves). I'm constantly looking for projects to do but not wanting to do them.

I think I'll go to the bathroom and counsel myself in the mirror. I might have to diagnose myself with dissociative disorder then. Seriously, we could use your prayers today.....specifically for patience. We want all of this to be God's timing.

We'll post as soon as we know anything!


Whitney said...

I pray that you will get your notification today and for peace as you wait for it!

Our Adoption Journey said...

I can't even imagine the emotions you must be feeling now! Praying for your much anticipated news to arrive soon!