Friday, December 14, 2007


It's 2:00 am but a great sense of peace has filled our home. God has brought peace where there was worry. He has stilled our hearts and minds in Him. Thank you Father for your unfathomable plan, and thank you that we get to be a part of it!

If we do not receive a new date today, we'll be traveling to Guatemala the week of Christmas. While the original plan was for the girls not to go with us, they will now be going! We will stay in Guatemala until January 8th. Then, all five of us will come HOME!

We will begin making arrangements soon for travel and covet your prayers. We're staying longer than we originally planned but it will be a good time for our family. God is working all of this together in a miraculous way.


Whitney said...

I know this is not the original plans, but what a miracle! You all will have several weeks with nothing to do but be together! Your girls will have memories of their brothers' birth country that they can share with him. Sounds great! I will be praying as you all make travel plans and that the adjustment time will be sweet.

Amy said...

This is sooo wonderful! He is a special boy and your family will be a special blessing to him. Praying that you have a safe trip and you will cherish this new start as a family.