Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Day!

This is the day we have been waiting on for almost two years. As I lay sleepless last night I could not help but reflect on the many nights and days of work Sheryl has completed to get us to this point. The work to this point has all been leading up to this day! This is the day the Lord has made for our family. I know that this day has been in His plan since the beginning. I know that this day has been orchestrated by the Father to bring about a new chapter in the Turner family journey. I know that this day has been a part of the plan all along in His master plan.

We are sitting in the hotel room waiting...just waiting again for the team to arrive and for our long journey up the mountain. As we wait I am thinking about the past months and the journey to here. What was I thinking? Did I really think I would be able to handle all of this? Well here I am. Here we sit and in just a half day, we will be face to face with a son who has never seen us nor have we seen him. We will stand face to face with the son that God the Father has chosen for us to bring into our family as one of us. We will be in the very place we have been anticipating and working toward since January 2006.

I realize that at this moment it is me that the Father is working on to change. Jett will have many changes in his life and the future is so different than where he is at this moment. Yet, it is my life that has been changing during this time. I have begun to realize the purpose in reaching the children in this world. I have begun to learn how to love more like the Father loves. I have begun to understand the role I play in the Father's plan to reach the world.

This day I will see the next challenge for my relationship with the Father rest in arms as I sit with my son! This day I will see the face that has captured my heart and mind so many hours of so many days. This day I will see the life that has been given to me to further the growth of the Kingdom! This day life will change and God the Father will open our eyes to the real story of adoption as we begin this day to understand His love for us!

Oh Father show us your way and help us to follow you in every step of this journey today. Open our hearts wide. Lord, today use us as a real hand and heart of yours to wrap up this precious child in your love as we lead him to the truth of who you are and Whose he is. Father this day, lead us into Your path as we follow You into this next chapter of our journey!

In His Grip,
JT / Big Daddy


Anonymous said...

I am on the edge of my seat! We love you and are praying for that moment when you meet. The Dunhams

Our Adoption Journey said...

My heart is bursting for you! Enjoy this precious time as a family.