Thursday, December 13, 2007

Waiting for a Miracle

I am so overwhelmed right now with the rush of emotions. The news has come from Guatemala and a date is set, but it is not what I wanted it to be. I know the Father is in control and I trust His heart. I also know that the people in the process make choices that impact the lives of children and families. As I have processed the news and the flurry of phone calls to the embassy, I have reached a point of waiting on Him!

In Is. 40:31 we hear the words, "they that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength..." I recall my first sermon God gave me back in my early days of my faith journey was on this very passage. The Hebrew word for wait is "quavah" and means to literally weave together the strnds of a rope in order to hold on in a struggle for life. Today I am reminded of our need to weave together, actively pursue the grace and mercy while wrestling with the emotions and lessons of patience and faith of the issue.

Today I pray for a miracle! Today Father, I ask for you to step into the circumstances of this life we are involved in during this day and provide an opportunity for us to go next week to bring Jett home. Lord I ask on behalf of our son to move among the papers and processes in Guatemala to allow a new date to become available and details worked out for our travel. Lord today I ask for your strength to wait on you to move and trust you will do what is best! Lord give me the faith I need to trust you in this process.

Thank you all who are keeping up with our journey and thank you for your amazing prayer support. We feel your support and eagerly await the incredible burst of energy and peace that comes with each prayer that is lifted and each moment we trust. Join us in prayer as we seek His will and His timing.

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