Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Family of Five

First, please excuse the writing if there are any mistakes. Robin Roberts and I are at an internet cafe in Panahachel, and the computer keyboards are different. In order to get the amperstand sign, I had to hold down the ALT key and type the numbers 64 and then the Q button. Forgive me, but I don´t understand.

We will post more pictures later...probably Tuesday when we return here. We must find the internet cafe from the other night first.....So, no pictures today.

We took Jett back to the orphanage yesterday, and he cried profusely. He saw his nanny....also called a momma here....and hugged her. We all cried for him as we thought he missed her greatly and did not want to leave. However, today we were going back to the orphanage so he could say goodbye to his friends. He immediately teared up and clung tightly to me. I asked him if he wanted to go, and he did not. He wanted to go back to our room and go back quickly. So, the translator talked to the nanny inside and allowed JT to be part of the conversation.

We learned that Jett thought we were taking him back to the sad. It made my heart break for him. Our totally compassionate Madison cried for almost 3 hours for Jett.....she was still upset this morning over the situation. This will be a journey for him, and we are prepared to walk it with him every step of the way. May God mold his heart and mind to be the man that God purposed him to be.

Jett is continuing to bond well, now giving hugs and kisses to our family. He wants JT and I to carry him everywhere. He reaches up for one of us everywhere we go and says levo....pick me up or hold me! It warms my heart.

Jett is a great eater and sleeper. He takes a 2 hour nap daily and sleeps from 8 at night until 6 in the morning. He eats well too and loves water. He makes a game out of everything, and we are all madly in love with him. That is all for now. We will definitely post some of the cutest pictures you have ever seen next week!


Whitney said...

Ohh! You've got me crying reading the story! What a sweet little soul the Lord has entrusted to you! I am praying that God will heal all of his hurts and make his insecurities vanish as he learns of what the Father has done for him in Christ and experiences the love your family has for him.

Gene Mason said...

Congratulations JT and Sheryl. Keri and I continue to pray for safe travel for you and your family. What a great blessing!

The Allums Family said...

What a precious child from God! I pray he continues to adjust and bond to you all! Congrats!!!

Jenny said...

Sheryl, JT and family...You don't know me but you all just made me so happy. My name is Jenny and I was just in Guatemala on a mission trip at Eagle's Nest in November. A little boy ran up to me when I first walked in a stole my was your son. He is an amazing child! He is so happy and full of life. He called me "Jenny Loca". I'm not sure why!! Ha Ha! I guess I am a little crazy at times...he figured it out quickly. Everytime I look at his picture I would miss him so I can have so much peace seeing what an amazing family God sent him to. I have tons of pictures from our trip there. I would love to send them to you! I know you are so busy, but you can contact me on my blog if you's Not-So Bland family blog. Oh yeah...he inspired me so much we're adopting a little boy from Mexico. We get him in January! I'd love to chat. God bless you and your family. Jenny