Thursday, March 17, 2011

God's Timing...

I am not patient...there, I said it. I am NOT patient, and I am keenly aware of it. God has taken us through adoptions in Guatemala and Uganda, which are both time-desensitized. Thus, my level of patience has increased greatly over the past few years but it is still not where it needs to be.

In light of this known fact, I have not worn a watch in almost 3 years. I try not to look at the time and to be more focused on relationships. However, that doesn't always align with my fleshly desires. Until yesterday...

In the afternoon our team divided into two groups and went to visit homes in the community of Lantana. This is a village outside of Guatemala City (about 30 minutes or so) with great poverty. Our church base here, New Jerusalen, has established a church plant there. We are working with the pastor of the church plant, Juan, and members of that church body.

So, we went to the first home and encountered a woman adamantly opposed to going to church...turns out she wasn't basically opposed to being a Christian. However, she did know the Gospel and had heard it before. Many of us shared the Gospel in its entirety and to show God's Word to her. We left with a new sister in Christ! Praise God Almighty for the way He works...we were excited to see Him work!

The next house was the test of my patience as it lasted for a while. I knew that we had to leave (based on Pastor Morales's request) at a certain time. So, when 4:00 came and went, I started getting antsy. I knew that I was responsible for this team, and their safety was on me. But, God had plans for this family to know Him in a way that was real and true. There was a lot of Bible reading and quoting of Scriptures. The Gospel was clear and questions were answered. God was good and faithful to His timing. We just had to sit and watch Him work.

So, the Spirit within me fought with the flesh yesterday to cut the time short and leave with everyone on time. Instead, we all waited for God's timing. And, it came. God is indeed good!

We give all praise to our God who is Sovereign and Mighty. He is good, and He fulfills His promises! We give Him all the glory!

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Anonymous said...

Were you trying to leave so that you would be safe or something wise like that? As if God pays any attention to the dark! :) I am only saying that cuz I recall how very dark it is in Lantana when the sun goes down around the mountains! Glad you had an incredible day, my sister! - C. Bailey