Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning along the way....

Someone at church asked me how we were doing yesterday, and I said "Well, we're just really getting settled. And, I'm trying to figure out how to be a Mommy to five children." While I was in Africa, I thought a lot about my sister in law Susan, my friend Dedy and my friend Cathy M. ....they all have five children. And, they seem to have it "all together" and with a smile on their faces. How do they do that?

God is molding me into that Mommy....molding is necessary a pleasant experience. There's so much to learn....always will be. So, I sit at His feet and study. There's no other place to be. The smiles in the pictures above show how God is molding our family...He is good indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Borrow the children's smiles. Pretend they are yours. Till you can have the strength to form one of your own. It's possible; He loans us His smile all the time! Love you and lifting you up! Carol