Friday, March 4, 2011

Smiles, Tears and Lots of Jumping....

Zeke likes to jump off the retaining wall in the front yard. This is as high as he's gotten so far. Don't let Elly's position fool you....she didn't jump from there.
Jett, aka Rescue Man, jumps from the highest point, and he was SO proud of himself. The object in his hand is a telescope off the playground...a necessity for Rescue Man apparently.
This week Madison is Elly's's just too much for this Momma's heart.
Zeke is all about getting kisses these days.
I can't say enough about how much this little angel has morphed over the past month. I love it!
When you see these two together, you think they are speaking the same language but they are not. They are bonding with each other as well as us!
There's nothing more precious than a former orphan showing love to his new brother and sister. He is a total joy and knows the way to his parents' hearts!
Zeke calls Madison "madizony" to make her laugh.....
Kaitlyn and Madison are truly gifts from God. They have blessed us beyond measure in helping with the new kiddos. We are so thankful for them.

Our sweet "daughter" Christy Barton asked me two questions last night as we talked on the phone. What has been the greatest blessing of this journey right now, and what has been the biggest struggle? I had to really think about that.....since she's in Australia, I figured I didn't have much time so I formulated an answer....

There have been a few tears since we've been home, and the children grieve what they no longer have....what they knew...all they knew...the language, the people, the food, the surroundings. None of that is here, and so sometimes, they grieve. But, those moments have really been few and far between since we came home. So, we grieve with them, hold them and cry...all together. The greatest struggle is to see our children want something or need something or try to communicate, and neither of us can understand the other. But, we are working daily to learn each other's hearts.

The greatest joy comes each morning, as JT and I stand in the kitchen. We hear little feet (okay, it sounds like a herd of elephants) coming down the stairs. Then, as Zeke comes around the corner, he gets so excited that we are still here. He throws his hands up in the air and screams...then, he comes running for one of us and jumps into our arms. He wraps his legs around us tight and squeezes as he says "Good morning!" Elly is more of our night owl, as mornings are not her forte. However, as soon as she gets in my arms, she wraps her legs around me with some fierce strength. She does not want to be put down until breakfast is officially on the table.

My favorite part of the day is when JT designates someone to pray over each meal. Zeke and Elly say, "Ka tu sabe!" which means "Let's pray." Then, Elly immediately says "Sank you Jeezhus for dis food".....she doesn't wait for the designated pray-er to begin. It's the sweetest sound you have ever heard....

And, then there's the jumping.....EVERY day without fail, Zeke wants to "jump" before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, after nap, before dinner...whenever the notion strikes him. He loves to be outside on the trampoline or jumping off the retaining wall. All of the littles (Jett, Zeke and Elly) love to play on the playground together or out in the yard. There's been lots of jumping, and praise God, no stitches or broken bones YET!

All in all, we are settling in well to life as the Turner family. God has shown Himself Faithful in so many ways throughout the process and continues to do so. Just the week we were blessed with more clothes for the kids (seriously I thought everything HAD to be new when I had Kaitlyn.....but God showed me the error of my ways almost 10 years Elly and Zeke have more clothes than I do!). And, the sweet encouragement of friends just this week....conversations at church (Heather, Amy B, Amy W, Tammy, Angelia, Susie), a wonderful time of fellowship with my family (David, Daniel and Amanda), emails from sisters (Karen, Carol, Angel, LL)....and the meals (if Brook Hills would like to make extra money for missions around the world, I would HIGHLY recommend some of these women to offer their services as chefs)....and the prayers (I am BEYOND grateful). We are completely overwhelmed by God's goodness and mercy! He has been SO GOOD!!!!


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Anonymous said...

So glad to know how things are going. Sounds like progress is being made daily. I am looking forward to being with the children in a couple of weeks. God's hand is evident throughout the entire adoption process and He will continue to guide and direct even now. God is sooo good! Love to all - Mom

Elisa Coker said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this very special part of your life. It has been such a joy reading your blog and seeing your photos. You have a beautiful family and God has truly blessed you all.

Anonymous said...

So grateful for these verbal "snapshots" of life with the "littles" and the more "Turner" they become, the more they kiss and hug! Awesome to behold the transformational qualities of the Father's love! Hugs from the Baileys!--Carol

Amiee Reeves said...

Sheryl, your family is amazing! Your faithfulness is inspiring. Your love is contagious! Your families story gives me so much hope. Thank you for all of the encouragement you have given to me. You are an angel in my life right now.

In Him,