Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Longing and Trusting

Yesterday was a long and tiring day of ministering to over 200 children. We spent our day at New Jerusalen Church with children from the local school. Most of these kids come from impoverished homes and have little structure to their lives. We were exhausted just trying to teach God's Word while handling attention/discipline issues. At the same time, I am reminded that I was one of those kids many , years ago. Not as impoverished but poor....and needing some attention, love, and the Word of God. So we love as Christ loves us and teach despite the obstacles.
While we are ministering, my heart misses and longs for my family. I love to hear their sweet voices in the morning and feel their precious hugs. I am so thankful for JT who is taking care of all the children, the house and school this week. I am grateful beyond words for the way he invests in our family daily!!!

While I'm longing for my family, God directs my attention to those who have no families. God has consistently brought specific families to my mind for prayer this week....all are in some stage of adopting....some I know well and some I don't. So I pray..specifically for God to be glorified and show Himself faithful to orphans. To Him alone be the praise!!!

Today we are heading back to Lantana to the school and the village. Please pray that we would share Christ boldly and primarily!! Also pray for wisdom and discernment for our team to follow God's plan!


Matt said...

love you sheryl! hope we were one of those families you prayed for :) if not, no worries, we are praying for you! you have taught JT and the girls well :) the first time i met JT he wasn't so sure what to think and then after that it just felt like "that lady has a lot of kids" looks. I know they are missing you much but prolly havin a great time too. JT has been a great example to us of investing in the right things at the right time. i appreciate and need that witness!
you guys are....forever etched in our lives! rest in Him, i know he's smiling at all you do:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sheryl, how I wish I were in Lantana with you! Please let me know if you see any of the ppl whom we visited in their homes last fall! I left a large portion of my heart in that village, I assure you! God is really moving there. Kiss Jacky and Cathy for me, as well! Hugs, dear sister!--Carol Bailey

mcrisp said...

Hang in there, Sista! What a blessing for those children to meet you! Lavish the love for your own children on them so they feel a mother's AND God's LOVE!!! Praying for you and the group everyday! Love, Auntie Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl - I know you are missing home and all of the children. JT has everything under control and the girls are such a big help. I am enjoying my time here with all of the children and love to hear them call "Meemaw". We are praying that you will feel good and that your trip will be a blessing to you and all those you touch with God's love and your love. You are definitely missed!! Love, hugs & prayers, Mom