Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What are you looking for?

Whatever you are looking for, you are likely to find it. Here's what I mean...if you are on mission trip looking for animals, you'll see them. Looking for the reason God has you where you are? He'll reveal it to you. Wanting to seethe beautiful sights of another country? You will. Interested in seeing God's glory? He will definitely show you! So, what are you looking for today?

Today was our first full day in Guatemala, and for me, it started with tears. I woke up missing my "good morning Mommy" hugs and kisses and my hubby's sweet voice. But, as He always does, God led me to His sweet Word. I spent some great time in Ephesians, and God took my focus off my pity party. He specifically led me to pray for several people...okay, no problem. Then, He told me to tell them that I was praying for them...not as confident in that command, but I did it anyway. And, wow, God used it to bless me at the end of the day!

God took us to the village of Lantana today. We were able to share in the local school with 5th and 6th graders. It was a huge blessing for our team of women! We spent lunch at a church members house and then took off for home visits in the afternoon. God allowed us to pass out grocery bags and toiletry items to women in need. But, much more importantly we were privileged to share the Gospel and pray for these women.

We did have one scare when a gang of men dressed in black, including ski masks, came into the village unexpectedly. However, both teams moved quickly to safe houses and stayed there until the pastor determined it was safe. There was no fear as Christ calmed us and even gave our team the privilege to pray for several others as we waited. He is good indeed.

So, I leave you with this...what are you looking for today?

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