Friday, March 25, 2011


In January of this year I sat down at my computer at 2:30 in the morning. We were leaving for Africa in a few weeks and I had no idea what my daughter would look like. It didn't matter but my heart ached to see her. I couldn't sleep so I checked emails...and there it was. The first picture above popped up on my screen, and my heart melted. And my heart cried...look at those eyes...sad and distant. She needed me, and I needed her. How amazing is God's plan to bring us together as a family.

We had known Zeke for almost six months at this point and knew a little about him. JT had held our boy in his arms and played with him. We were eagerly awaiting holding him again. But, we didn't know this little girl...would she even like us? The questions ran quickly through my mind. And, then it hit me...I don't even have any girl clothes or shoes or anything for a girl.... all of our big girls' clothes had burned in the fire of 2005....add that to my list of "to do's" before heading to Africa. But, all of that dulled in comparison to the longing I had in my heart.

I prayed for God to prepare her heart for a family. I prayed that God would do what only He, as the Father to the fatherless, can do. And, He has. He has been faithful to His promises. You can see the transformation. Elly is a bright and energetic child...the love shines in her eyes. But, it is not our love or her own love. It is a direct result of God's love and power in and through her life. And, we give Him all the glory!

*The last two photos were taken at a baby shower for my great friend Lora by the world's most amazing photographer, Allison Lewis. But, don't call her soon people...she has a baby boy in Ethiopia to pick up first...get on her schedule for the fall!

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Allison Lewis said...

it's such a joy to see how the lord has graciously used your family in elly's "transformation". she's just a joy!
thank you for the sweet words about the're far too kind. as much as i would love to take the credit for such a darling picture of your baby girl, though, i'm pretty sure that pic of elly on the couch was taken by abbi ( when she was playing around with my camera that night.
love you much, friend,