Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our Last Day In The Mountains

Fireworks on top of the mountain with Mama and the family was a great time of fun and laughter. Jett seems to really like fireworks, especially Spencer Mitchell and his crazy firecracker dance!

Today is our last day at Eagle´s Nest with Jett. Last night was amazing as we watched the fireworks over the lake at almost 7,000 feet! I am overwhelmed at the goodness of the Father as He continues to bless us and show us His ways. The amazing sounds of a small voice calling "Papa" is more than my heart was prepared to handle. Jett's little voice sounds through the night in my head as I sleep each night. The words of this precious gift from the Father are amazing to hear and even more amazing to hear in English. Yes, he is picking up the language rather quickly and so is Mama. Sheryl is incredible with her ability to pick up the language and the way she is communicating is simply a miracle to watch and listen. Toay we are shopping in Panajachel and Jett is seeing so much of the world he has never seen before. Watching his little eyes as we walk and interact with the locals is priceless. His eagerness to help and offer his words to Mama is such a blessing to watch. I am here writing knowing that I cannot express our feelings enough or share all that I want to with you all. We feel the prayers from all of you as we work together as a family to bond and grow. There is no doubt whose child he is now. He longs for as meat as we will give him, lots of outside time, and always asking for more food! His eyes carry a message that so many others have already seen. Just yesterday as our interpreters left us one prayed for the future of his life to be what she has seen from the Father as one of ministry and bridge between the best of the Latin world and the best of the US. She felt impressed by the Spirit that his life will be one of incredible significance for the Kingdom of God. Simply confirmation of his Papa's prayers already! Tomorrow we will be back in Guatemala City and able to update with so much more. Thank you to all of you for praying and supporting us while we are establishing an amazing new chapter in our journey. We look so forward to seeing home soon and watching as God raises our children up to be His messengers to the world! In His Grip, JT PS I am sorry I am not able to update more...this keyboard is really throwing my finger typing for a loop. The keys are not in the same place and even though I do pick out with one or two fingers at a time, it is still very hard for me...sorry!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates. Jett is so cute. Love you guys and I am praying for a safe travel.

Please tell the girls and Jett hi!

Love Ya,


Whitney said...

He is just amazing! Praying for you guys!