Friday, January 21, 2011

Luggage, Luggage Everywhere

Thanks to the expert packer at our house, most of our luggage is packed. And, it looks like we are moving to Africa. Frankly, it was embarrassing when I first started looking at it. Normally, we are very savvy with packing and take very little. But, then I realized that 2 of the bags are full of stuff for other people (our friends Peter and Phoebe, Raphael and Allen, friends at Divine Care, and our friends' children who are coming home soon) and we are bringing home 2 more children! So, a few extra bags are okay....

Our "to-do" list has been narrowed down to only a handful of things left to do, and those are the basic last minute things we have to do for any trip - clean out the refrigerator, take out all garbage, wash the clothes, set emails to be away, etc. We are so grateful for all the phone calls, emails, notes, etc. that have been sent our way this week. We have so many people helping to make this adoption and extended stay in Africa possible. Here are just a few (and I'm sure I'll have to add more along the way) of the people who are a vital part of this adoption process:

Jeremy and Courtney Simpson
Karen Katchuk
Kelly Zimmerman
Meagan Sloan
Rashel Ross
Gena Turner
Don and Susan Lindsey
Daniel and Amanda Graves
David Graves
Jim and Amy Watkins
Rich and Angelia Stewart
Paul and Leanne Rogers
Robert and Tammy Horton
Sherry Lockridge
John and Mary Crisp
Michelle Crisp
Andrew and Lora Lynn Fanning
Nicky and Angel Hobbs
Kerry and Nancy Smith Family
Guy and April Hensley
Susie Farley
David and Traci Cleveland
Amanda McCollum
Dana Gordon
Carol Bailey
Holly Wade
Christy Barton
Peter and Phoebe Sozi
Divine Care Ministries
Denver and Susan Nolin
Marvin R. Graves
John and Anne Marie Touliatos
Jeannette Matthews
Natalie Smith
Clyde and Jackie Adams
Beverly Virciglio
Debra Linton
Amy James
Tim Burch
Dennis Scott
USCIS - Officer White
Lifeline Children's Services
Wes and Danielle Sullivan
GDM Department at Brook Hills
The Church at Brook Hills
One Way Ministries' Board of Directors - Barry, Jerry, Chris, Wayne, Phyllis, Carol, John
Dylan and Carrie Taylor
My Passport Class - Logan, Erin, Zackary, Jardell, Joseph, Cheyenne, Annabelle, Brittan, Caroline, Grace, Taylore, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Jude, Tripp, Mia, Chloe, Melissa and Savannah

And, there are so many more people along the way who are praying for us constantly! We are blessed beyond measure by all of you and more. I'm sure I'm forgetting some people but I'll be adding to this list as I recall them all!

This is the last post (probably) before we leave for Africa. We will update as often as possible!!! We love you and praise God for you!

Most importantly, we want to give all honor and praise to God Almighty for this adoption. He has been faithful EVERY step of the way. He has called us to do this, and He made us promises that He has kept. His timing has been perfect, and His plan has been fulfilled. We are honored and privileged to serve Him. All glory to Him alone!


Sandy said...

Praying for you and your family. Safe Travels and smooth processes. I pray Gods peace to surround all situations. We love you and if there is anything you need...send me a message. Love you!

Keri Mason said...

Praying fervently as you go. Love you!