Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walking by faith...a change in plans

We have the bags for our little ones packed, the to-do list is being whittled down, and the plans for next week were set...until JT came into the school room yesterday. We have a reading corner where we regularly sit together to have reading, history, geography and spelling. The look on his face spoke volumes.

Plans for Uganda have changed and the courts have postponed any set court dates. What? Are you serious? What does that mean? Tears began to stream down my face as he tells me about some judges conference and inductions...I can't really remember what he said...I wasn't listening anymore. God, make this stop...I want my babies. Shhh....God plans are better. ways are higher...this is about ME and my glory. Not your timing timing!

Yes, Lord, we submit to Your timing and Your plan. Make Yourself known to us, to our waiting children and to the world. Show Yourself strong and faithful in this process. We relinquish all control and all plans to You.

Quickly, we decided that this changed everything....we are now taking everyone to Uganda for an extended period of time (likely 5-6 weeks). We don't have the funds to take Kaitlyn, Madison and Jett, but God directed our path in this direction. So, we trust. We walk by faith. He gave us this and He will see us through it as only He can. He will provide and work out all the details. He has already orchestrated this....

Just yesterday, two different friends sent me a post that talked about walking by reminded me that I am insufficient and I don't have to be the "all in all" for anyone or any situation. If I was, then how would that point anyone to Christ? It wouldn' would point them to me. I rely completely on Him and rest in His Sovereignty.

So, here's the new us...God's plan all along! We will all leave Birmingham on Monday, January 24th. We are hoping to get our new court date next week but have been assured that it will be the first couple of weeks in February. This will give us time to meet and bond with Zeke and Elly. We will also have time for the medical appointment and other odds and ends. We are scheduled to come home on March 7th, but we really have NO clue!!! So, we're trusting God with all the details here!

Continue to pray with us that God will direct EVERY step and we will be obedient to His call!


The Taylors said...

Praying for your sweet family my friend.

Allison Lewis said...

wow. i know the wait is hard, but it sounds like you clearly know the answer: "my ways are not your ways", nor is his timing the same as ours. so thankful the whole family is going together now. what a HUGE blessing!

Deidre said...

Praying sweet friend!