Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Do List....Start Packing

The infamous "to-do" list!

Our master bedroom is a total wreck - full of snacks, kids' clothing, all of our travel accessories....

A few new items for the kids - and don't forget the passports and yellow fever cards!

So, the countdown is on, and we are leaving one week from tomorrow....all of us! The excitement level around here is through the roof, and we could power our whole house off of the electricity in the air....

So, the official "to-do" list was formulated last Thursday, and it is four pages long. One page for each, house, ministry, and the trip. We have to think about being gone for six weeks and everything that needs to be done while we are away. While it can be overwhelming at times, we are confident in the call that God has placed on our lives at this particular time.

We are working each day to cross things off the we get each thing done, I hear feet running into the kitchen and the office to mark it off. Such a great sense of accomplishment...but more than that, we all know that we are getting closer to seeing Zeke and Elly. With each sharpie line drawn, we are just a little bit further down the road.

We cannot possibly express our gratitude for the number of people who have offered to help us during this time! We'll try and update the blog as often as technology allows in Uganda. Please continue to pray!!!


Missi said...

Maybe I'm just nosey, but I totally zoomed in on your to-do list there. Let's just stick with "curious".
Anyway. This is our family's down time and I think we've determined we are relatively close to ya'll.
So, if there is anything I can do on that list, please holler! 205-668-9999

craig and jen said... curious too! my to-do list is just as long and i feel that i add two items for every one i cross off! we leave the day after you so email me all the things you might have forgotten :) seriously though, excited for you guys and hoping we get to meet you in UG!