Monday, January 31, 2011

Sin and Gratitude

Zeke strolling with his Poppa to the engineer's guesthouse.

Zeke climbing in a mango tree at the guesthouse. (Kaitlyn is the eye behind most of these pictures!)
Sweet smile!

A great contrast to the sad eyes we first witnessed.

Elly contemplating while we are at the engineer's house for tea.

I am reminded today of the way I hang on tightly to preferences….we all do I’m afraid. I find comfort in them, and I desire them way more than I would like to admit. God often reveals the sinfulness and darkness of my heart when I am away from home. This time is no different. I miss the comforts of home and began to want them….sometimes I want them more than I want the holiness of the Father. I am ashamed to admit my weaknesses…it is painful. But, it is real.

So I see the sin and spend time thanking God for the things I often take for granted:

· Clean water

· Water that is reliable and is a “given” every day at home

· Electricity

· Hot showers/baths

· Scrambled eggs

· A hot breakfast every day

· Books

· Mail

· Phone calls

· Couches and recliners

· A family dining room where we all gather to eat.

· Cold milk

· Grapes and cantaloupe

· School

· Our home church, The Church at Brook Hills

· The English language

· Refrigeration

· Toilet paper

· Garbage cans

· Friends!

I’m sure the list could go on and on! What are you thankful for today?

We worshiped this morning with our fellows brothers and sisters in Christ in the church at Jgogo. It was a great time of singing, dancing, praying and learning together. If every Sunday was like that, I would lose 50 lbs easily…. I want to say that it reminded me how thankful I am for the amount of time and prayer our worship gathering staff (Jim Watkins and crew) spend each week to prepare for our corporate time together. We missed being with our faith family today but also saw God move in powerful ways here.

Zeke and Elly have both had a better day today. We have had few episodes but they did well in church. JT will have to tell the story of meeting Zeke’s birth father today….that is his story to weave….

Please pray for our friends, Barry and Joy Coffee and Andrew and Lora Lynn Fanning, who will be flying to Uganda tomorrow. We will pick them up at the airport on Tuesday. We are so excited that God has blessed us with their friendship!


Hannah H. said...

Thanks for the reminder Mrs. Turner- your friends are missing you, too! It was so much fun to Skype yesterday. Many prayers to you...

Anonymous said...

The Lord has molded and fashioned your heart for moments such as these. He has revealed Himself to you in ways that few others can imagine. He knows your love for Him and His ways and He delights in you and the wonderful ways you reflect His love.

Angelia Stewart said...

Missed seeing you in church yesterday. (Tried to shoo those people out of your seats!) We told them not to get too comfortable and we let everybody know that it is now the "Turner Row" - cuz your gonna need all of those seats when you get back!

Enjoy your time with your friends. So glad you can have them with you.