Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying to find the new normal....

Zeke insisted on putting on the cowboy hat....a Ugandan cowboy!

Seriously, how cute is Elly Faith?

Zeke and Elly playing Daddy and Mommy to the baby....

Entertainment is free for the taking around here....

We've been home for 10 days now, and we're still searching for the new normal around here. Before we left for Africa, the "idealic" notion of two more children just added a little more joy to our home. And noise...lots of noise. And trips to the bathroom...lots of those too. And cries for "Hold me please!" And requests for food...often. And bath times (the older three do this solo so we have some time to talk about that time of day). And requests for water. And, "Come here please!" can be heard often to show a new trick. But, abounding joy more than all of these things. So, JT and I are trying to get used to this new phase of life...or rather, returning to this old phase of life.

While we are much more laid back this time around, we are also older and less energetic. Pray for that! The days are longer as little ones require much more attention and training not to mention the whole language barrier. But, we are settling in around here. The biggest obstacle at this point is how to divide our school time so that everyone gets the necessary attention and education! I'll be seeking out other moms for wisdom on this one.

On another topic Zeke has taken all of his malaria medicine, and he is showing no more signs of the disease. He hasn't had a fever since we started the medicine which is amazing! We are blessed to live in a country where we have access to great medical care anytime!

Speaking of blessings, we have been showered with homemade meals that are absolutely amazing. From homemade chicken noodle soup to jambalaya to fajitas, the foods have been wonderful. And, they are such a time-saver and sanity-giving piece of happiness for me! I haven't had to think about cooking yet!

We covet your prayers in the days ahead as there is a lot of training to do...pray for wisdom that only comes from God! We want to honor Him in all that we do!

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Giann said...

Mrs. Sheryl,
I don't know if you have heard of this lady or not but, she has four kids adopted from Ethiopia and writes about it at Its worth your time!

I think me and ms. elly, need to get together!! :)