Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buying the Lie

Most of us who struggle with weight issues have been seriously deceived for far too long. And, it's time to discover the truth! If you have watched any New Year's infomercial about a diet plan or new piece of exercise equipment, you have heard lots of statistics and persuasive arguments. But, that truth has been distorted and twisted into something that simply tickles our ears. We long to hear about an easy fix and a convenient plan...we desperately want that. But, the truth is not in those infomercials. Let us start with the one place where ONLY truth can be found...God's Word!

You might wonder how the Bible addresses food, and you know what? It does...over and over and over again. Have you ever noticed that? The first sin centers around a piece of fruit. Sure, it was likely healthy but it was NOT beneficial. In fact, it led to death. More on that later. The book of Genesis goes on to give us rules about what we can and cannot eat. Then, the Levitical law takes a whole chapter to describe what is and is not acceptable food in the sight of the Lord.

Jacob and Esau get into a scuffle and spend years apart because of a hunger that didn't wait. Daniel gets in trouble with the king over his choice of diet. Miracles, including the feeding of the 5000 and the feeding of the 4000, show God's glory in making food for all. The first miracle performed by Jesus was at a wedding feast. Christ spends his last night before the crucifixion eating with his disciples.

Do you see it? Food is an essential part of life. It is referred to in almost every book of the Bible. People eat. Jesus ate. We all need to eat. So, what's the problem with eating WHATEVER we want?

Let's take Eve as an example (I will pause at this point and give credit and props where due. I was privileged to be a part of the Pillars Girls' Conference in Canton, Georgia this past weekend. Candace Anderson McDowell spoke on the subject of Eve's role in the fall of man, and it spoke volumes to me in relation to this topic. So, look her up on Facebook people..and look up the conference...good stuff). What happened to Eve FIRST? She was attracted to what she was told she COULD NOT have.

Isn't that what we do? We start a diet or healthy eating plan, and we immediately look at what we CANNOT have! We don't take the time to look at what all we CAN have. Eve had perfection. A beautiful garden was filled with plants, trees, flowers, animals, her husband and MORE IMPORTANTLY, God! He was walking with them daily. Yet, it wasn't enough. Eve wanted what she was commanded not to have. She was attracted to it. She desired it. And, we do the SAME thing.

Let's begin by focusing our attention on what God has given us...plenty of healthy food, supportive families, jobs, sanity (okay, that may be questionable some days), the ability to exercise, etc. Lord, please turn our faces toward what You have already provided. Keep our attention on You and not on what we do not need to eat.

You and I have bought into the lie for far too long. The enemy wants us to be attracted to what we cannot have. He wants our attention to be on the forbidden not on the Creator. Let's stand arm in arm as we battle the enemy together.

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