Monday, February 4, 2013

Do you REALLY want it?

Almost daily I talk to someone who wants to get healthy. And, she SAYS she wants to exercise and eat the right foods. BUT.... BUT....
BUT.... Insert excuse.

My friend Courtney and I reminisced today during a long run. We could only run a mile in January of last year. And, at that, we were HUFFING and PUFFING big time. We were very proud of ourselves. Several months later we went for a four mile run that turned into a 3 mile run with one mile of walking interspersed. Then, we attempted a 10K in June...both of us had to walk some of it. Today, we ran 12 miles. TWELVE miles people. We are the same people...well, maybe not.

The FIRST thing we had to do was ELIMINATE EXCUSES. Courtney's mantra has been "NO EXCUSES," and it WORKS!!! We have both had excuse after excuse in our lives for not wanting to eat healthy or exercise. Some of them even sound wonderful or at least reasonable. But, they are still just that...EXCUSES!

Let's be honest friends...we WILL do what we want to do IF we want to do it badly enough. We will move mountains to meet friends for coffee or go see a movie or even take a nap if that is something we desperately WANT to do. So, the question becomes, do you REALLY WANT to be healthy? Or do you want the RESULTS?

I can tell you honestly that when I began this journey, I WANTED the RESULTS only. I did not want a heart change or lifestyle change. I WANTED to be THIN and not to be unhappy when shopping. But, I did NOT want the work involved in getting there. Why do you think the weight loss community has created a multi-billion dollar industry promoting every type of diet and exercise equipment known to man...and many of them are "convenient" or "fast" or provide "unbelievable results." That appeals to us...little work, no inconvenience, easy. But, is that SUSTAINABLE long-term? Is it healthy? Will it just get us to our goal and then what?

If you really want to get healthy, make the decision today that excuses will be eliminated from your vocabulary. Before we ran today, I thought of so many great-sounding excuses for why I didn't want to go...we were supposed to have company over visiting, the weather was going to be freezing cold, I hadn't run that long yet and wasn't sure if I could....but NONE of those prevented my feet from going. Because NO EXCUSES people!!!

Now get moving!!!!

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