Thursday, February 28, 2013

Relying on God more...

Week three of Craving Him More brought back so many memories for me. These are some of the first real lessons God used to show me how much I had relied on myself and how little I loved Him. He broke me with this study, again.

ALWAYS start with God's Word and see what He says about food and healthy cannot go wrong there! So, we looked at Exodus 16:1-16, 35. The WHOLE Israelite community was grumbling about food. It was their FIRST complaint. Not the hot weather, sand, lack of shelter...not even was about FOOD! How often we do the same thing when we don't get our food on time and in the way we want it. Yet, we feed our bodies and the bodies of others stuff that is not healthy...because it is what we want, not what He wants for us.

Our grumbling WILL have lasting effects. It spills over onto others, most notably our families and friends. Misery LOVES some company, so we complain. Our "I can't" or "I don't have time" or "It's really hard right now" or even "You just don't understand" will permeate our sphere of influence. Is that really what God desires for us? NO! Time to back away from and put down all excuses. Commit today that this will be a NO EXCUSE ZONE!

The people of God LONGED for the day when they could eat all that they wanted. Their desire was for food and NOT for God. He was in their presence and they had seen Him move in mighty ways (remember the parting of the Red Sea and their deliverance from the pharaoh?), yet they wanted their bellies full more than they wanted God Almighty! Oh, how I can relate!

Next, we studied more of the Israelites' plight in Numbers 11:1-9. Verse four shows us the people began "to crave other foods." They made a list of all the tasty eats they had in Egypt and longed for the days of slavery. Just like Esau being willing to forfeit his lifelong inheritance, they were ready to go back to a life of bondage in exchange for food! I am JUST like that...I am often ready to sell my soul for the desires of my stomach...oh, that is so hard to say but it's true.

Psalm 78:18 sums up the Israelite's demands: "They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved." Now, we may wrap it in a different package and use other words, but many of us do the same with God daily. We choose our own cravings and hunger over what He desires for us.

Then, Mitzi Eaker shared her story, and well, I don't want to give it away. I've read it before, and it inspires, encourages and challenges me. Go here, and find out more about God has worked in her life. And, in case she doesn't mention it, she just finished the Mercedes half marathon in Birmingham two weeks ago. Way to go Mitzi!!!

We concluded the night looking at several highlights from chapters 2-3 in Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst:
-This is a battle that rages in our hearts daily.
-It is possible that we love and rely on food more than we love and rely on God? (that question alone made me despise this book in the beginning. It is still a vivid reminder daily of how much I need Him more than anything else)
-Psalm 5:3 reminds us to lay our requests before God and wait in expectation. Try that with your hunger!
-We often desire the benefits of being healthy and in good shape but do NOT want the work required to get there (remember the story of the man's beautiful garden).
-Get a PLAN!!! Plan for what God wants you to eat (I personally have used the 17 day diet and Zone diet but also recommend Paleo) and when He wants you to eat. Make sure it is SUSTAINABLE...not a liquid diet or miracle pill or lose-10-pounds-in-a-week diet. Get organized with your exercise as well! No plan will lead to failure!
-Share your plan with the world or your accountability group (whichever you prefer).

Next week our group will be joining the church-wide prayer gathering ('cause we need to seek His face in a serious fashion about our unhealthy ways and shout out some confession and repentance!!). For the following week, read chapters 4-5 and come with your plan of eating/exercise to share. This is for EVERYONE who is part of this study (not just the ones in physical attendance). Sharing your plan is one of the first steps in honoring the Lord through your body!

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