Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Beginning

The Craving Him More study has begun. A group will be meeting each week on Wednesday night at The Church at Brook Hills (modular 15) from 6:30 until 8 to study God's Word. If you are unable to join us, you can visit the blog on Thursday to catch up on the lesson, participate in discussions and find out your next assignment).

What this study is NOT:

This is not a quick fix.
You will not lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks.
It is not a place for excuses.

We want to look into God's Word, study it diligently, meditate on it and apply it to our lives. We long to crave the Father more than we crave anything else in life. We want to want Him desperately, and that's what this study is about. If you are tired of easy outs, quick fixes that put another 10 lbs on, equipment that is used as a coat rack and feeling shameful and embarrassed by your health, this is the place for you. Join a group of believers who are struggling to honor Christ with their bodies but desire to be obedient above all else.

Last night we spent a great deal of our time introducing ourselves to each other. It was humbling and overwhelming to hear my own story retold by woman after woman in that room. I could identify and see myself in each of them. There were admissions of shame, guilt, humiliation, weariness, and loneliness. We were all in the same boat but feeling like we were alone in the battle. God is so good to bring us together to learn from Him side by side.

From Genesis 3 we read about the first sin and how Eve was deceived. We looked at Eve and noticed how her fall is the exact same way the enemy approaches us with food today:

1. The enemy is alive and well. He is seeking to devour us daily. He hates Christ followers and wants us to fail. He desires that our lives NOT bring glory to Christ in any way.
2. Satan knows our weaknesses and attacks us there. He is crafty and cunning. Do not underestimate the enemy and his ways. He will do whatever it takes to bring you down. If he can ruin your witness to a dying world, he will.
3. Eve was near the tree that was forbidden to her. Why? We are often tempted because we refuse to run when we are attacked. We give in when it is convenient or close. Run, people, run!
4. The enemy sought Eve out and placed doubt in her mind. He deliberately twisted God's Word to tickle her ears. She was walking with God in the garden daily, and yet she doubted Him and His Word. He has promised to be faithful to us and to sustain us. We must believe Him and KNOW that He is for us!
5. Eve added to God's instructions (see how she says "do not touch it?"). We will NOT add to or subtract from God's Holy Word. It is enough and we will trust in it.
6. Was it bad enough that satan was talking to Eve, but he had to LIE to her. We believe his lies one will know...what will it hurt?'s just this one can start eating healthy tomorrow.... Recognize the Father's voice and run to Him. Know what His Word says and obey it. Do not allow the enemy a foothold in your life!
7. Notice that Adam is not mentioned until verse 6. Either he stood idly by or was not present when satan began this conversation. Eve appears to be alone or at least, without accountability. Be sure to surround yourself with people who will hold your feet to the fire daily. We NEED to be held to a higher standard. Obviously, we struggle and are not experts in the area of we NEED people who can help us. Do not go this road alone!
8. Eve saw the fruit and became discontent with the beautifully perfect garden God had already given her. She was told that she could eat FREELY from any other tree...FREELY!!! Instead of seeing what she already had, she desired what she couldn't have. Let us focus our attention on all of the good things we already have....
9. She was attracted to the very thing God told her not to eat. She desired and wanted it. She craved it. We often long for the things we cannot have. This is the core issue for us...we MUST desire Him MORE! The things of this world will attract us..whether goldfish or chocolate or ice cream....but He is MORE than enough to satisfy!
10. If Eve was going down, she was not going to do it alone. She brought Adam with her. We tend to long for friends and family who will join us in our unhealthy eating and refusal to exercise. Laziness/lack of discipline/No time/Fear all attract like-minded and like-hearted people. Seek out people who are winning the battle to honor Christ with their bodies and ask for wisdom, encouragement and help.

That's a chunk to unpack, and we will slowly dive into the Word to explore God's commands for us. For next week, please read the introduction of Made to Crave as well as chapter 1. We will look into the account of Jacob and Esau as well as Daniel to see how food played in a role in their lives.

Thank you all for allowing me the honor to walk this journey with you.

If you dare (and are not able to be with us), share your primary struggle with us all in the comments.

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