Monday, February 25, 2013

Temptations Abound

There are days when the sun is shining, temptations are minimal, and exercise feels good...then I wake up. And reality hits. Like last Monday.

The morning was semi-normal (if you count two kids wetting the bed, spending 2 hours on one child in math, refereeing three arguments, teaching 5 kids at various grade levels and going to Crossfit normal....). Then, it was time for a nutritious lunch - chicken and veggie soup- with water. So far, so good. I've exercised, drank plenty of water, and had 2 healthy meals. Check, check, check.

Madison graciously volunteered to go with me to take a meal to our good friends who just returned home from Colombia. Generally, the older girls make a dessert but they were swamped with schoolwork yesterday and didn't have time. So, we agreed to go by Edgar's Bakery. Uh-oh. I adore that place. It smells so good, and they make everything look so delightful. I went in, picked up the cookies and waited at the counter.

For some unknown reason, the lady who was ahead of me in line had a hard time choosing her cupcakes. It seemed to take her FOREVER. And, of course, the guy behind the counter was not helping as he suggested every indulgence in the store. I was dying.... Then, he asked me if I was sure I didn't want something from the case. "Nope, I'm good, but thank you," I responded. We left immediately and congratulated one another on getting out victoriously.

After dropping off our meal, we decided to go by Krispy Kreme in Hoover to get a gift card for an upcoming birthday. We were only a few minutes away, and that seemed to be the best use of our time. As we enter the parking lot, the drive through line has several cars waiting, so I decide to go in. MISTAKE...BIG MISTAKE.

There was a group of three people in front of me. They were clearly together. And had NEVER been to Krispy Kreme before. NEVER. They ordered a dozen doughnut holes...for three people? Seriously, I knew these were newbies. But, do not fear. While the cashier went to collect their order, they collectively decided to try more a dozen of them...assorted. Did you hear me? ASSORTED!! I was about to die at this point. The doughnuts were already on the conveyor belt smelling of yummy delightful goodness, and I was standing in line for a gift card.

As Miss Krispy Kreme comes back to her post, she eyes me with the "You will have to wait your turn, lady" look. I am praying and asking God to sustain me. 'Cause I want every doughnut in that place....right heard me. The group says "assorted" again...and again. It's like they were rubbing it in. Do you think they got more than one kind of any doughnut? NOPE, they did NOT. They ordered each one individually and then sang the praises of their choices...I KID YOU NOT....

"Ooooh, raspberry filled. Yes, let's get that one. I LOOOOOVE raspberries. And a doughnut with raspberries..that's even better!"

"How about a cinnamon bun one? Oh, yeah. One of those too. We like cinnamon buns. That one has to be good."

"Do you like cake ones? No? Okay, no cake ones."

"Chocolate glazed....are those good? Yeah, we want that one too."

TWELVE times people...not including the ones they rejected. I stood there through every flavor of Krispy Kreme being heralded as the most delicious item they had ever had....and my mouth agreed. I was drooling..and hungry..and drooling... I wanted those doughnuts SO badly.

Let me be VERY clear....I wanted to cave...I could've given in so easily. But, thank God that He is so MUCH MORE than my cravings for food. He was faithful to His promise to sustain me and kept reminding me that He would give me strength. And, He did. He keeps His promises like that. It is when I turn my eyes off Him and onto my own desires that I get messed up.

Keep your eyes on the prize today and seek Him more than anything else!

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