Monday, April 15, 2013


Nothing is going as planned. NOTHING.

Here was “our” plan for the day:

4:00 Wake and have quiet time
5:00 Leave for Crossfit
5:15 Crossfit
6:15 Shower and get dressed for day
6:45 Prep lunches and breakfast
7:15 Breakfast
8:00 Leave for tutorials at Brook Hills; JT home with Z and E
9:00 Tutorials for older girls; Jett to have school with Mom; JT to pick up supplies at Lowe’s for bathroom
12:00 Lunch for JT, Z and E; Drop Jett off for lunch at tutorials; Mom to take lunch to friend at Children’s Hospital
2:00 JT continue work on bathroom; Mom to have a class at the Apple Store
4:00 Pick up kids at tutorials. JT finish with framing
5:30 JT and Jett to soccer practice
6:00 Dinner at home, etc, etc, etc

There’s just simply no need to type any more as it makes me frustrated to see just how “off” our day was by the time it know because you’ve had THESE days too.

It went more like this:

6:00 Wake up. Missed exercise because of a late night with family (not planned well in advance but necessary)
6:45 Prep lunches and breakfast (yep, this is the only thing that went according to schedule)
7:20 Breakfast (everyone seems irritated already)
8:10 Leave for tutorials (one kid forgets her phone which is necessary with impending weather, we are running behind, Mom is not being kind)
8:35 Arrive at tutorials for morning prayer time (it might help to be in a good mood since I’m supervising the student prayer session)
9:00 Receive word that classes will dismiss at noon. Jett is not happy because he will not have class and misses seeing his friends. Mom and Jett in bad mood and irritable. Call JT who has to change plans to come pick up kids so Mom can go downtown to deliver lunch as scheduled
10:00 Bank calls - they need a new document in order to process our home equity loan. Document can only be obtained by going to the courthouse in Columbiana.
12:00 JT arrives and we learn that friend downtown is now scheduled for a CT scan and no need for lunch today. Change of plans. Everyone go to lunch and then divide to finish bathroom and go to courthouse
1:30 Arrive at courthouse. Go somewhere else to get documentation first.
1:40 Guy at new place demands a number from courthouse...could look it up online but does not and sends Mom back to courthouse.
1:50 Mom becoming friends with security guard at the courthouse. Enter again and get number. Return to other business. Receive has to be notarized. No notaries available. Convince guy to find a notary. Guy takes 20 minutes to get it notarized and then returns.
2:25 Back to courthouse and get paperwork as needed.
2:30 Head home and call friend on the way. Girls in the car fall asleep.
3:15 Arrive at bank to drop off paperwork.
3:45 Finally get home. Elly still asleep and gets tucked into our bed. JT working on bathroom. Boys playing. Storm rolling in.

No exercise. No quiet time. Schedule obliterated. Messy business. Frustration. Irritation.

And, how do I want to comfort myself? With chocolate! Lots of it. Here was the line of thinking:

1. I want chocolate. I deserve it after the day I’ve had.
2. Whoa..wait a minute. Pity party. That’s a sign that I am relying on me.
3. God help me. Post to FB to get some support. Spend time in His Word (should have done that first). Pray.
4. Drink water and a protein drink.
5. Hear the lies of the enemy...speak God’s Word to combat his evil schemes.
6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Okay, the day hasn’t gone as planned. But, I rejoice in His victories today. He accomplished His good work in me, developing patience and reliance on Him. I will build an altar and remember this day.

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