Monday, April 22, 2013

The Exception

I could hear the conversation very clearly...I tried not to listen but they were talking so loudly. And, here’s what they said:

Lady 1: Today was an exception. We had company last night and stayed up late. Doughnuts were the easiest things to get for a crowd.

Lady 2: How long have they been at your house?

Lady 1: Three days! So, I haven’t been able to eat right or exercise for THREE days!

Lady 2: What are you going to do now?

Lady 1: I would start tomorrow but Son 1 (don’t remember the name) has a ballgame, so that’s out too.

Lady 2: And this weekend is the tournament. You can always start next week.

Lady 1: Yeah. But, we have two parties next week too. Oh, there’s always the next week.

I wanted to scream, “Look here lady, EVERY day is NOT an exception!” But, I quickly remembered that I have been in that same boat. Every day was an exception to the rule or a special occasion or something out of the normal. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Let’s step back and look at ourselves. Take a good look in that mirror. When you look over the past few weeks of your life, how many days have been “an exception” to your healthy eating and exercise plan?

Does that reflect the consistency you desire? Are you faithful to the call God has given you to honor Him with your body? Are you making excuses? Do you refuse to call them excuses but reasons because they are really good? Are you rationalizing?

Now, look in that same mirror. Do you see the results you desire? Are you where God wants you to be? Why or why not?

If nothing else, let’s be honest with God, ourselves and each other. Let’s admit our failures and shortcomings, our sins and our struggles. Start there. Then, seek God’s wisdom in how to overcome excuses. Begin with taking every thought captive...eliminate the excuses and reasons for NOT doing the right things...replace those thoughts with God’s Word!

Now, let’s get started people. No Excuses!!!

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