Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye running...

Confession time...I haven’t run since the Disney 1/2 marathon back in February. At all. Tried once and it didn’t work out so well. I’ve even given the treadmill a whirl, and well, that was a nightmare. Running and I are parting ways...for a month.

The plan has been to begin Crossfit daily the week after my trip to Guatemala. I will go daily Monday-Friday. On Saturdays, I will run a 5K distance only. For one month I want to see how my body reacts to a daily Crossfit routine. Plus, I’m hoping it will improve my running.

For the past month, Ellyson Faith Turner, has hounded me to let her run a 5K. She’s five (technically 4 according to her highly accurate...insert sarcasm and skepticism...birth certificate). She has regularly asked me to take her running...and to buy her appropriate running clothes. The girl...she is persistent. And, she’s from the border of Uganda and Kenya, so who knows, I might have a Kenyan on my hands.

Off to Academy I go to buy some cheap running gear for a kid...I’ll invest in better stuff if she can prove her commitment. A bright yellow tech t and a pink running skirt...cute. Even cuter on the kid who ripped it out of my hands, ran upstairs and threw her new clothes on only to parade them around in front of the family. I just about had to take her down a notch based on her constant question, “How soon are we going to run?” Sounded a lot like “How much longer?” on an 18 hour road trip. I promise she doesn’t know the limits of questions. Once is enough.

With friends over, we couldn’t go at my preferred crack-of-dawn-no-one-else-is-awake-and-I-can-have-the-road-to-myself-4:00-am-run. Plan breakfast, say goodbye to friends, and then go to a local park. Good call for me. Patting myself on the back even now for the great weather and decision to go later.

The girl...she can run. She only ran 1 1/2 miles today, but it was a start. I think she could probably run an entire 5K in just a matter of weeks. And, I’ll be the one chasing her.

You know that saying, “Never chase a Kenyan?” How does that work when it’s your child, and she’s only 5?

No excuses today my’s time to get moving. Eat less. Move more. Don’t give in to the enemy’s lies. You are worth more. Now, prove it.

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