Thursday, April 25, 2013

Run, Forrest, Run!

Last night, we looked at the fact that 3500 calories equals one pound. A deficit of 3500 calories will be one pound loss and an additional 3500 calories will be a pound gained. No matter how you look at it, that’s the fact. But, what is really going on? Look behind the meals, food choices, exercises, etc to what really is lacking in your life.

Lysa told the background story on her childhood and how her father had left their family. What a hole that initiated in her, and all she could do was park her mind on the negatives of not having a dad. Then, she had a recollection of a time when her dad had gone out of his way to show love to her. It was years later that the memory came but it gave her something sweet to ponder.

For me, there have been so many negative memories of my mom. Just this week as I was reading the material again, I thought, "Now, why can't I think of one really good memory?" Don't you know that God provided one just ON HIS TIME! A lady who had been in my church when I was younger had called to ask me to speak at a women's event. Then, she began to tell me about a time when my mom had served her so well. A smile came to my face as I thought of how much God loves me to send that memory my way. It was perfect timing, as usual.

To park our mind on hard things constantly just deepens that emotional neediness and triggers the desire to fill it with something else.
We MUST deal with our triggers. We must identify our places of emotional emptiness and admit how futile it is to try and fill those places with food.

We looked at the rationalization that if no one sees you, the calories don’t count. The fact is most of us know that they do, but we think that what’s hidden will STAY hidden. It does not! For me, the issue was always just a secretive one will know. The enemy uses those little lies to keep us out of fellowship with the Father!

In our Bible study time, we focused on 1 Corinthians 10:12-14. We WILL be tempted. There's the first fact. No amount of wishing and desiring will take away those things that will tempt us. However, we KNOW that God will provide a way out...He even tells us what it is in verse 14...FLEE! Even when you are at a party and cupcakes are calling your name, step outside! Phone a friend...go to the your Bible...pull the fire alarm (okay, not that one). You are at a wedding and there's NOTHING healthy to eat, drink water and find someone to talk to..share the Gospel. You are at work and someone is offering doughnuts, RUN AWAY. I wanted to entitle this post, Run, Challis, Run, but you would have had to be in class last night to understand. It's a situation we all have been in...we just NEED to run away from the food. Picture yourself as Forrest Gump and keep running until you can run no more. FLEE from the temptation!!!

Join us in two weeks (next week is our faith family prayer gathering) to finish off our study in chapters 17-19. Can't wait to see you all!

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