Friday, October 12, 2007

4 Weeks in PGN

Since we've been at this adoption process, we knew that one of the final phases would be the family court in Guatemala. Right now, most families are taking the entire 8 weeks without being kicked out for various paperwork reasons. If someone does get kicked out, they must redo whatever paperwork is required and restart the 8 week process.
As of yesterday, when we received our legal update, we have not been kicked out. We have been in PGN for 4 weeks now. We are sincerely praying that ours will take less than the 8 week process so that we can bring Jett home before Christmas. We are unsure of the timing, but we release all control to the Father. He is in control, and He knows what is best for us. Please pray with us that God would show off in this situation and that He would get ALL of the praise.
We can't say enough about the encouragement and support we've gotten from so many friends and family during this time. We especially want to thank our families including JT's mom, my dad and brothers, and our family friends (Waltmans, Hardys, Stewarts) for all of their love! We would also like to thank our social worker, Lauren Roberts, who has stood with us during times of great disappointment, sadness, overwhelming joy and so much have been our friend and we adore you.
We are currently in Arizona leading mission trips but will post more photos when we return home! Thank you all again for your prayers.

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