Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time in Arizona

This week marks the 2 week mark in our three week mission trip journey in Arizona. Last week, we were blessed to have groups from The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL (our home church), FBC Alpharetta, and Masonville Baptist Church out of KY. What a HUGE blessing they were to us! When we return home, I'll post some pictures of these weeks here.
This week we have several families from The Church at Brook Hills as well. We are working on replacing a roof in the sanctuary of the church, putting up a fence around the property, painting a great deal of the church and more. God is using this time to allow us to serve the local church body.
We will be going home next Tuesday, and we are all eager to sleep in our own beds. As I think about my bed at home, I'm reminded of how Jett sleeps in Guatemala. He has a bunkbed in the boys he'll have a bunkbed (to himself) at his new home.
For the first time last time, I dreamed about the day we saw him face to face. In my dream, he was crying and so were we.....both for different reasons. We can't wait to see him and to hold him close.
With all of the turmoil in Guatemala right now, many agencies are even opening their Guatemalan programs or providing referrals. The politics and The Hague Convention compliance issues are HUGE and could dramatically affect all of us in the process. The Hague Convention is supposed to be implemented FULLY in Guatemala in January of 2008.
We covet your prayers as our hearts are eagerly awaiting news from Lauren. We've jokingly told her not to call us until she has good news. Honestly, we don't want a call saying that we've been kicked out of family court only to have to go through the entire process (8 weeks) again. Our hearts are so ready to have our son home.
Last week, JT played John Waller's son "Called Me Son" about the prodigal son from the Bible. It also talks about the time when Christ-followers will meet Christ face to face and still be called sons. What a day! We long for the day when Jett runs to JT and calls him "Papa!" Oh, the privilege of being able to call him son! Thank you Jesus for the honor of being his forever family.

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