Friday, October 19, 2007

5 Weeks and Counting!

Yesterday marked the five week point in PGN for us. We are prayerful that we won't be kicked out and have to begin the 8 week process all over again. I emailed our Social Worker, Lauren, yesterday and said that I can't wait to get the call from her (that we're out of PGN for good) but I'm anxious that she'll call and give us bad news (e.g. that we've been kicked out of PGN). So, I want her to call....I don't want her to call....I want her to call....
We have compared Jett's measurements to other little boys of his approximate size, and we are estimating that he wears a 3T for his weight and a 4T for his, how is that going to work??? We'll just have to see I guess. When we go to Guatemala, we will be taking all of his clothes, some toys and some books for us to use. We've never had a boy before so any helpful hints here would be great. My friend Beth Roberson gave me some good ideas last week that I plan to use!
Our eight week point in PGN will be on November 8th. Several other Lifeline couples have recently gone 9 weeks so it could be longer. Once we're out of PGN, we'll be issued a pink slip that lists the date that we have to be at the Embassy to pick up all of our paperwork. We are eager to get that date and will pass it along VERY quickly to all of you.
Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and support - we love you. Please continue to pray for Jett's health, strength and the adjustment process as he meets us!

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