Monday, October 1, 2007

Timeline for Jett

When we first started the adoption process in January of 2006, we thought we'd have our son home by September of that year......little did we know. With all of the chaos in Guatemala, the abandonment process and more, our journey has led us to over 1 1/2 years later.
The timeline for EVERY adoption is different, but here's ours:
January of 2006 Signed on with Lifeline in Birmingham, AL (original SW was Jenn Knerrium)
April of 2006 Completed all dossier paperwork and sent it to Guatemala to be translated
May of 2006 Found out we would have to go through the abandonment process because Jett's birthmother couldn't be located.
November of 2006 Social worker is now Lauren Roberts (Jenn had a baby). Lawyer in Guatemala has made NO progress.
January of 2007 We are basically starting the process over. Have to complete additional paperwork (Lauren has the gift of making our name affidavit take up a whole page!!!) to ensure all the details are completed.
June of 2007 Submitted to the embassy for pre-approval. Usually takes 60 days.
August of 2007 Pre-approval issued!!!! This was our first big news. At the same time, our other paperwork has been submitted to PGN. We hope for a quick kickout.
September of 2007 We were kicked out of PGN in 10 days for not having pre-approval. Resubmitted to PGN with pre-approval on September 13 (JT"s 40 birthday)! The process usually takes 8, that puts the timeline somewhere around the 2nd week in November. He could be home by Christmas.
We are praying that our PGN will be finished soon and that we won't be kicked-out for any reason. Any more delays will be heartbreaking. We know God is in control, and His timing is PERFECT. We'll add to this timeline as we get more details!

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