Monday, October 15, 2007


For two weeks this past August, we invested our lives in South Africa. What an awesome time....we had no idea what we would be doing, where we would sleep, or what we would eat. It was awesome to see God pull together a team of 18 people to do His work with such passion and flexibility.
There are no words to describe the time....but here are a few observations:
-Watching JT give his beloved Bible to Jonathan, the new leader of a house church in Atteridgeville
-Janie showing a mom how to exercise her baby's legs
-Yolanda talking to community moms as she handed out blankets
-Sam picking up 5 boys at one at a local daycare
-Kim holding a baby close to her heart
-Alice providing more than just medical care as she listened intentively to patients
-Jason talking to Jacob for hours in a nearby township
-Rick playing with Nondu in the yard of Alabanza
-Jenny spending time with a young mother just listening to her cries
-Kaitlyn, Madison and Regan playing with kids they had never met
-Lala (Lisa) rocking a baby as she talked to his mom
-Jonathan investing his time into a new believer to teach him the Word of God.
I've attached a few pictures that reflect our time there. We'll be going back in March as well as next June to lead medical clinics, discipleship training and whatever else God provides for us.

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