Monday, October 1, 2007

Our Family

We are currently a family of four waiting on our son, Jett, soon. JT and I met in college at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. We were married in May of 1990 in my hometown of Thomasville, AL. Since that time, we have lived in East Point, GA, Stockbridge, GA, Douglasville, GA, Anniston, AL, Canton, GA, Pleasant Grove, AL and Alabaster, AL. We currently reside in Alabaster, AL and have made our home there since 2003.
We run a mission organization and are members of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL. Our family loves to go on mission trips to spread the Gospel message. We also enjoying hanging out with our great friends and family. There's nothing better than a Friday night with a house full of people!
JT is the world's best husband, Dad, and leader of our household. JT is the founder and president of 1 Way Ministries), a 501c3 organization leading mission trips to impoverished, desperate , and forgotten people groups around the world. He is passionate about sharing the Gospel and the discipleship process. JT is our handyman and fixes all the necessary items around our house while taking some time to enjoy reading and anything outdoors!
Sheryl (that'd be me) is the wife, Mom and manager of the Turner clan. She homeschools their children and works with JT for the ministry. In my overwhelming spare time (okay, there's little of that), I enjoy getting together with my friends, teaching Bible study, and exercising (for those who know me, this has been a lifelong struggle). Sheryl loves 2 Timothy 2:13!
Kaitlyn is our 10 year old daughter who will be 11 later this year. She enjoys math and reading as well as art. Kaitlyn is an encourager and loves to care for children. What we love most about Kaitlyn is her creativity in helping others...she will go way beyond the call of duty to help a Mom in need or a baby who needs extra attention. She has a huge heart and a compassion for others.
Madison is our 8 year old drama queen. She adores science, reading, and ballet. Madison loves to take care of others and ALWAYS has a song in her heart! We love Madison's intrigue and natural curiosity about EVERYTHING! She asks LOTS of questions and is insistent on answers. We adore Madison's empathy for others and her desire to please God in what she does.
Our hearts' desire in all of this is that Christ would be glorified. May His name be lifted up and magnified among the nations!

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