Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Scream, I Scream...We All Scream!

Today was almost comical (and I'm sure it will be in about 3 months....). First, we waited (that's a common theme) for the driver to come this morning. JT was going to go with Peter to pick up our friends at the airport, and I was going to take the little ones to the medical clinic for a medical exam. However, the driver was 1 1/2 hours late (not uncommon), and so we all had to go the clinic together.

We sat in the waiting room until the receptionist realized that she had not put us in a room yet (pretty obvious that we were the only ones there for a while). The medical exam was not exactly as thorough as we are used to in the US but the doctor was kind. Then, he sent us to get some bloodwork done for a test. Lord, have mercy!

I took Elly in first, and she was sound asleep. So, I was hoping (okay, dreaming) that the prick wouldn't wake her. But, it turns out that it did! She jerked her arm and well, the needle came out, blood spattered everywhere on her and me. She started screaming uncontrollably. Meanwhile, the nurse asked me to hold her again so I brought in Kaitlyn for reinforcements. Keep in mind that Kaitlyn gets queasy at the sight of blood so I was praying.... I had to wrap my legs around Elly's legs and hold her arm tightly. She was screaming bloody-murder. I was crying, she was crying, Kaitlyn was crying, and the nurse was not exactly sympathetic to our plight.

When we left I was a mess. Elly held both arms out by her side for almost an hour because she didn't want to let them fall down again. She was so scared. I held her and looked into her eyes. I sang to her, cuddled her and told her it was for her own good that we had this done. She didn't believe me.... I didn't either. But, God reminded me that things that are hurtful happen to us all the time. We encounter circumstances in life that are painful and raw. They hurt deeply. We don't see God's plan, but we must know that He is Sovereign. His plan is great, and He is good!

Meanwhile, JT took Zeke in to the lab. He came out with no problems....clearly I got the raw end of that deal. But, Zeke had already thrown up in the car before the clinic and JT cleaned him on the side of the road. We received the "Parents of the Year" award for not remembering wipes and a change of clothes...gotta remember those things now.

We will be going to court on Friday. Please pray for a smooth process and a quick ruling. We need your prayers!


Yolanda Garcia said...

Oh girl! I remember those days, Maurice and I, both almost passed out from shots he had to have before he started school. You all are in my prayers. Love you all. Can't wait to meet the new babies.

Angelia Stewart said...

Oh my yes... Got to get the Preschool mental checklist back in gear! Sorry you had such a bad day! Praying for better times tomorrow. Will continue to pray for you all on Friday. If you can check your messages on FB. I sent you an urgent one yesterday...

Angelia Stewart said...

Kaitlyn - you are doing a phenomenal job with pictures! I think you've got some real natural ability with that camera! I am impressed! Can't wait to see all of the pics you have taken. I'm proud of you!