Monday, February 21, 2011


Hillary and Kaitlyn looking out for Elly...oh the fun to come in the day ahead.
Uncle Daniel with Kaitlyn and Elly. Daniel is one of the most generous people you will ever meet (and cheap at the same time). He will do anything for you...anything. He makes me laugh, and I count it a privilege to be his sister.
This picture brings tears to my eyes for many reasons...but the main one is that I LOVE and adore and admire and respect these people more than I can adequately communicate. John and Mary Crisp (and their sweet daughter, Auntie Michelle) are a blessing beyond measure.

Elly sucks her thumb and rubs her ear to go to sleep - absolutely precious. But, even a homecoming couldn't stir her.

Pure joy - coming home!
Zeke loves to "ride" on anything..including his Daddy's suitcase. This is the way we carried our kids through the airport since the airlines insisted on checking our stroller in Entebbe.
Kaitlyn and her good friend Hillary. What a blessing to have such a friend.
Sweet friends, Amanda McCollum and Tim Burch. They went above and beyond in helping us...from a breakfast casserole the next morning to turning on our A/C and lights to clothes for the kids to encouraging emails frequently. We are so thankful for their hearts for orphans.
My brother Daniel met us at the airport with his precious wife's vehicle. Our third seat wasn't in our Expedition (we totally overlooked that detail), so they put our car seats in Amanda's car and let us bring that home. I missed him SO much when I was in Africa...I count him among my best friends.
My brother David with Zeke. As soon as Zeke walked into his bedroom at home that night, he asked for Uncle David...I had to explain that Uncle David didn't live here. Zeke didn't like that. David was a constant source of encouragement and prayer for us while we were gone. He is one of my best friends too!
Kaitlyn took sweet Elly after a little while, and Elly remained sound asleep for the entire homecoming. She was worn out...nothing could awaken her...except the car seat.
My sweet friend Lisa Coker meeting Zeke for the first time. Lisa's prayers and emails were such a blessing to us while we were gone.
My sweet gift from God, Mary Crisp. She has been like a mom to me, and I am overwhelmed beyond words for her and John. They have blessed us more than I can say. They are our extended family, and we are so grateful for them.
I love this shows people with a heart for the nations. They loved on us in ways I cannot describe....
My precious new friend Danielle. This picture says more than I can share....and it makes my heart smile.
The ONE thing that Jett wanted more than anything when he came, a comfy bed, a hot see his friend Harry. Jett was overjoyed!
Madison receiving a hug from her friend Holly. The girls were so thankful to have their friends there to encourage them and welcome them home.

We are home and getting settled in...JT and I have a little jet lag and thus the reason I'm up at 3:55 am to write a post. We were at church yesterday and were given a precious of our homecoming. My friend, Allison Lewis, took these photos, and they are a gracious reminder of how good our Father is! It is a picture of a community of believers who walked this journey with us and how God made a way for these former orphans.

I tried to pick just 5...but alas, I could not. I REALLY tried people...REALLY. Hey, I did narrow it down to 18. Alison is going to take our family pictures when we truly get settled and the kids know a little more English.....

For now, everyone is doing well. Elly has adjusted easily and finds being a "girly girl" an easy task around here. She likes to change her clothes (constantly asking "chusa en goye?" - change my clothes?) and dress up. She loves baby dolls and the microphone. Zeke is struggling a bit with eating and going to the potty - mainly because he was allowed to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. So, it's a new experience to have food 3 times a day and go to a Western toilet. But, he's trying so hard. Last night, he ate asparagus and grapes...proudly.

JT's mom and sister are coming today, and our kids will be so excited to see them. Since they Skyped with both of them from Africa, they will recognize them immediately. We saw this in church yesterday when they saw their uncles, aunt and cousin Chloe!

Speaking of church...what a blessing to be back "home" yesterday on a Sunday. We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for our family. I cannot even describe how I felt...but "grateful" and "encouraged" come to mind.

Hopefully, we will post a family picture soon! For now, pray that we adjust to a schedule around here and get some school done in the near future. We love you all!


Sandy said...

We love you guys. I am so glad your family is home safe. If there is anything you need...let us know. WE are happy to help and not far away!

Anonymous said...

Susan, Noah and I really enjoyed coming over yesterday. It was such a joy to see all of the kids and to meet Zeke and Elly and to claim them as my grandchildren. I am looking forward to spending more time with them soon when I come over for a week. Kaitlyn, Madison and Jett seem to have adjusted to two additional children in the home very easily. I can see how the "mothering gene" in both of the girls has come out as they hold Elly and look after she and Zeke - what great help they are. I really am proud for and of all of you and thank the Lord for how He worked things out so you could be back home as quickly as you have been able to be. God is so faithful and so good. With tears, I gave a testimony at church Sunday night of how God worked all things out and how His timing was perfect. How very blessed and grateful we are. I know you have a big job ahead of you as you help the children adjust to our culture and your home and to loving care and loving discipline, but I know the Lord will continue to guide you and give you that extra love and understanding that only He can give. I love you all and look forward to seeing you again very soon. My love, hugs and prayers, Mom/Meemaw

Hannah H. said...

I think Harry was missing Jett just as much, and we were all so excited to welcome you home at the airport on Friday. We're so glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see you and give you a hug, Sheryl! So happy with the Lord's gracious its many forms! --C. Bailey